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  1. Actually, I reformated my HD and reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch.

    Installed the 32 bits version this time. (was on 64 bits before)

    Flash is working perfectly so far. (latest version)

    I've installed the latest ESR Firefox version. (31.3.0)

  2. Update:

    Tried a fresh FF profile with no success.

    Tried a new Windows user profile with no success.

    Older FF versions and older flash versions neither.

    Installed Pale Moon, a FF based browser, but no luck either.


    Strange because under Linux, FF and flash run great.




  3. Hi again.

    No KIS here. (just updated my signature)

    I first completely removed Adobe Flash Player, et voilà, no more hangs!

    So for me it seems Flash was really the culprit.

    FWIW, I replaced FF with Chrome, which uses its own player, and it works great.


    Merry Christmas!

    Joyeux Noël!

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