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  1. '>Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 RC1 - Known Issues


    • Items listed in Malware Exclusions and Web Exclusions will have a set of duplicate entries after each database update which has occurred since mbam.exe started during the current Windows session. Removing one duplicate will remove all duplicates along with the original item from the list. Exiting Malwarebytes Anti-Malware completely and launching it again or restarting the system will return the Exclusions list to normal until another update occurs. This is purely a cosmetic issue and has no effect on exclusions functioning properly.

  2. FWIW, I think that when MBAM first appeared, it was on-demand scans only, no real-time protection.


    I feel very comfortable to disable MBAM's real-time protection when I use a good, robust AV with anti-malware detection.

    Too much layers is IMHO not the best setup.

    Let's remind that the first layer of protection is the user itself. (and a fully patched, up-to-date OS, of course)


    As was stated earlier, to each his own.

  3. Well, to be honest, it is only commercial advertisements of their own products.  It's not like you're seeing ads for O&O Defrag, or Office365, or anything like that.


    Your software is already connecting to to the MBAM site for updates, Malicious website blocking, and the like, and nothing I have seen (though I have not looked very hard) indicates that these are live, off the web advertisements - to me they seem more just in -built info links about other MB products.

    Granted, but it's not very subtle.

    For the free version, would be okay, but for paid version, can that be moved to another tab, like other tools, for instance?

  4. Good question. I'm quite sure MBAR's rootkit detection is worth more than MBAM's thus far. That's just my thinking though.


    Also, when scanning with rootkit detection enabled, the scan hangs after a while, it's a known issue.

    Maybe I'm just lucky, but rootkit detection is enabled in my threat scans, and I never got a hang.

  5. Hi Pedro.

    Yesterday night, when I started VLC, it told me an update was available and asked me if I wanted to download it.

    Went ahead, but when the update file was launched, it was blocked by MBAE (

    Had to stop protection to proceed again and reenabled protection afterwards.


    Thanks in advance!




  6. Thanks Samuel.

    We should also remember that MBAM is almost always in the tray, doing its job invisibly.  :)

    I have turned back on the Notifications and didn't even get one yet. Thanks!


    Besides the Malware Exclusions duplicates bug, I only spotted this one:

    When you're on the Settings screen, and go the some item, if you want to get back to the General Settings, you have to click on "Settings".

    Clicking on "General" doesn't work. (at least for me)

    Seems the first half of the button is dead, sort of...


    RAM usage and system load seem to have been considerably reduced, thanks much!





    P.S. Build 504 here.

  7. The trick is to achieve the balance of added features without making the product overly complex and over-engineered, even as different users have different needs.

    For the GUI, change for the sake of change is not necessarily an improvement.


    The most important changes and improvements for me are those "under the hood".

    So, as long as the MBAM protection remains strong and compatible with my antivirus applications & other software, it will continue to be the top-notch product it always has been.

    Maybe a switch for choosing normal/expert mode for people who want more granularity over the options?

    The normal mode would provide a simpler interface with the recommended settings on to begin with.

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