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  1. I also don't get the point tht the main program should be running to get a scheduled scan...

    HitmanPro is on-demand only and runs that way, and it's still possible to run 1.75 in free mode that way, if I'm not mistaken.


    Later edit: ok, I see it's not possible to run schedules in free mode.

    But in the PRO version, with real-time protection disabled, you can run scheduled scans and MBAM stays off after.

  2. Yes, the manner in which MBam now  stays running  after updating defs. does make it inconvenient for those only use MBam on Demand.

    If all protection is 'disabled' then it seems appropriate that "Exiting" the program is the result when you click on the X.

    Just thinking out loud. :)

    IMHO, it should auto-exit silently *unless* there was malware detction during the scan, in which case one might want to review the result.

  3. We definitely want to add more options to which notifications are displayed but it is unlikely that those changes will be done in time for the release of MBAM 2.0, but this will be addressed in a future release.

    With all due respect, is it that urgent to release 2.0 at a given date?

    IMHO, we see too much products that were released in a hurry.

    1.75 is working fine, there's no rush to get 2.0 out too early. (again IMHO of course)





  4. I'm not getting a message that the site is blocked in the first place, so I'm not sure why you'd need an exclusion.  I have no exceptions set for http://forum.avast.com/ and I was able to browse to it perfectly fine. 


    When I add the exception it still loads perfectly fine.

    Maybe you should clear your DNS and browser caches after adding the exclusion.

    I don't know if that will make a difference, just suggesting a procedure.

  5. Yes, if using it exclusively as an on-demand scanner then that makes sense. We designed it this way because it seemed more intuitive for most users and behaves more like other realtime security products do.

    Also, if you wish to revert to the free version you may do so at any time by visiting the My Account tab and simply using the Deactivate button. If using the trial, you'll find an 'End free trial' link in the Dashboard in the realtime protection section near the bottom.

    Thanks for the tip!

    Don't get me wrong, I think the program is great, I just don't need real-time protection.

    However, I think some work needs to be done, with RAM consumption for instance, which is somewhat that's being discussed since many months, before the beta, and worse with it. It may also slow down things noticeably.




  6. Thanks.

    I think the solution for me will be to run in freeware mode (I own two licenses BTW) so I won't need to decipher how to configure it for on-demand scans only. (no real-time protection) It seems overly complicated right now.

    Furthermore, I'm confident EAM is more than enough for real-time protection. (I'll be adding MBAE when it's released however)


    Best regards,


  7. OK, one of the staff will probably address this soon if it is running on reboot even if you have disabled "Start with Windows".


    This afternoon, it didn't reappear upon reboot however I think I found out why: I had previously disabled the option to Recover missed tasks in the Advanced settings of the Threat Scan schedule.

    Anyway the new method of disabling real-time protection is much more confusing than with 1.75, in which only one check box was necessary.



  8. But don't rename a PDF reader to firefox.exe because the techniques we apply to PDF readers are different from the techniques we apply to browsers.

    Hi Pedro.

    Is SumatraPDF reader supported, BTW?

    Sorry if that was already answered somewhere else or if I'm hijacking the thread!




  9. The latest version of the program now scans archive files which were previously not scanned. This can greatly increase the time required to complete a full scan.

    Is it possible to turn off this new feature?

    (I'm presently running the 2.0 alpha, in which we can turn off archive scanning, but I can't check if that was the case with 1.75)

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