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  1. Hi.

    The context menu is there, but I try to use it, nothing is happening.

    (my config is in my signature)

    MBAM is not running with real-time protection.

    Could that be the problem?

    I'm also running under LUA, by the way.

    (MBAM and MBAMGUI are configured to run as admin in SURUN, but the exact command-line has be to configured in SURUN though, and I don't know what's the resulting command-line when something is run from the Context menu)

    Thanks in advance!


  2. I now use Immunet Protect Plus, which adds the TETRA AV/Rootkits database.

    It's in fact a BitDefender engine.

    And I now use MBAM on-demand only. (so I can't comment on their compatiblity, sorry)

    Running under a LUA (Limited User Account) is one of the first step everyone should do.

    I also added SRP (Software Restriction Policy) under my XP Pro setup.

    That way I don't need tons of security software anymore to feel safe.

    (oh, and I'm behind a NAT router too, but all this is in my signature...)

  3. Here's a short test for you:

    At the command prompt, execute "wbem-test".

    Then, click on the Connect button and then connect as "root\SecurityCenter".

    Then click on the Query button.

    Now, type "SELECT * FROM AntiVirusProduct" and click on Apply.

    The result shoud show only one product.

    If you double-click on it, you should recognize "ALWIL Software" in the "companyName" string.

    I had a remnant of DrWeb there.

    This test is easy to do and you may discover something, who knows.

    Good luck, and best regards,


  4. I have no problems anymore with AVAST free and MBAM 1.46 real-time.

    What applets do you use in AVAST?

    I only enabled the File Agent and the Web Agent.

    Also try to disable as much unnecessary running services as you can. (easy to do with Autoruns)

    (rebooting each time you make changes)

    I disabled the Bonjour and ipod services, for instance.

    I had a DrWEB remnant from an old install still active.

  5. Just a little update about the MBAM - VIPRE a/v combo.

    (a short note: MBAM real-time now runs fine here with AVAST and Kaspersky I'm now trying for a month)

    I had reinstalled back VIPRE (the straight a/v) earlier today, and the MBAMservice doesn't seem to play well with it. (attached pic)

    MBAM used around 9% of CPU time, in continuous, while it's completely idle with AVAST and Kaspersky when I do nothing.

    Also, the I/O is continuously at around 4MB. (also idle with both AVAST and Kaspersky)

    Very strange behaviour.

    And since VIPRE and MBAM are now sisters, it should be quite easy to solve, no?

    Best regards,



  6. The only issue I see here in this post is the amount of CPU usage. If you're not scanning and you're not updating then your CPU usage from any of our program files should be 0%

    Your usage of RAM will be higher than previous versions and is to be expected as we do more with the program now.


    I think I've been very clear on this in all my posts on several threads.

    There's an abnormal CPU usage that's noticed from many users, with real-time protection.

    I remember that we had a problem with 1.43, related to definition file updates and RAM consumption, and not everybody was experiencing that.

    We seem to have a similar case of bug that some people get, and others don't.

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