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  1. Hi.

    I recently had problems running MBAM real-time with the VIPRE 4 a/v, which I recently bought.

    (yes, the exclusions were configured in VIPRE, thanks)

    Yesterday, I tried the VIPRE update to no avail.

    I uninstalled and tried the last v3, and had not more success.

    So I installed VIPRE and got back my AVIRA Premium (9).

    Same problem!

    Running MBAM 1.45, by the way.

    The MBAM service causes CPU spikes as soon as I do anything.

    Like several other users, I'm beginning to wonder if something changed with the 1.45 upgrade.

    Maybe I could downgrade to 1.44, but it'll be automatically upgraded to 1.45 at the next update.

    *PLEASE*, as suggested by other users, separate the program and definition updates, so to allow us to upgrade the definitions only if we wish so.

    Best regards,


  2. Greetings MTL :)

    If your performance issues are specific to the Website Blocking module then the problem should be corrected when version 1.46 is released.

    Is it the same as IP Blocking?

    I disabled that altogether a few versions back with a registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\disableipblocking=1

    People having this problem may try that to check if that solves it, no?

  3. @dv986: With MBAM, I really don't think you need TF, unless you don't have any anti-virus.

    I was recently having heavy slowdown problems with MBAM real-time and VIPRE a/v, but switching to AVAST! solved the incompatibility problem.

    AVAST! free 5.0.507 works very well here on my old machine.

    However I only installed the very basic file File Agent, none of the six other agents (web, email, network, etc.).

  4. While there may indeed be performance tweaks and improvements in how MBAM runs in the background, if you're getting severe CPU spikes and performance problems, then it's pretty much got to be an issue with the AV/FW/AS etc scanning MBAM's background process while it is checking other processes in memory and no performance improvements in MBAM itself will likely be able to fix that.


    Please let me remind you MBAM is causing the CPU spikes, not the other software...

    Also be aware that if you added 1.44's files/processes as exclusions previously, deleting the exclusions and adding them once more might fix the issue since some AVs will not continue to exclude a file when its version number/size/hash etc changes (as it would when MBAM was updated from 1.44 to 1.45).

    I hope it helps.

    I never tried VIPRE with MBAM 1.44 so I don't know if it as working better.

    Thus my question about downgrading MBAM to 1.44 so I could verify if the incompatibility appeared with 1.45.



  5. In my case, the AV is VIPRE.

    As soon as I enable MBAM real-time protection, the CPU gets loaded as soon as I do anything on the PC.

    Can we expect something in the forth-coming 1.46 release ? (network speed problem fix)

    Can we get 1.44 to downgrade our systems to check if the culprit is in 1.45 ?


    (tried the help desk but it appears they can't help either... :)

  6. Update:

    I'm now running VIPRE a/v. (the regular version)

    With MBAM real-time enabled, MBAMservice uses a lot of CPU cycles, so there seems to be some kind of conflict between VIPRE active protection and MBAM real-time protection.

    (yes, I did the exclusions in VIPRE, and it seems we can't exlude processes in MBAM)

    So it seems I have the choice of running only one of them in real-time, and the other on-demand... :)

    Which one should I keep as the real-time scanner?

    And which one should be "patched" to run well with the other?...



  7. I have the same problem.

    I wrote to the help desk, but they only suggested to uninstall and reinstall.

    I'll try this first:

    is "terminate program when scan completes" selected? When I have it selected, I don't get the log. Turn it off and I get both logs. I sent an email to tech support and they are looking into it.

    I'll report back.

    Do the people on the help desk read this forum?

    The first time I had a problem, a few months ago, they directed me here.

    This time, the answer seems to show the person wasn't aware of what's being discussed here.

    I can't say I'm satisfied with the help coming from the help desk, with all due respect.



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