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  1. Running fine here as well on a Windows 7 Professional x64 PC, along with MSE.

    Latest version of MBAM, 3.06.1469.

    I noticed a clear general slowdown when I activated the license though.

    It was running in free mode beforehand, since a few weeks.

    (I was merely updating to the latest build when they were available, but always in free mode after the bad experience with the first rev 3 launch.)

  2. If someone wants to run it in free mode (no realtime protection), will MBAM 3 still uninstall his/her already installed MBAE?

    In that case, MBAE has to be reinstalled after MBAM 3?

    Or is MBAM 3 clever enough to ask if the user wants to be in free mode so it lefts alone the MBAE setup?




    Edit: During install, there's a sentence that says that more info on upgrading can be found at www.malwarebytes.org/miseaniveau

    This URL is invalid. (error 404)

    Would also be nice that instead of being simple text, it'd be a clickable hyperlink.

  3. Installed this morning, then updated database.

    Then ran recommended scan.

    Scan stuck when scanning c:\program files (x86)\mozilla thunderbird\prldap60.dll

    Now stuck there since almost an hour.



    Edit: OS is Windows 7 PRO SP1 x64 fully up-to-date.

    I had MBAE running but it seems the beta shut it down.

    I also have MSE running.

  4. Thanks Pedro.

    For the time being, I'm excluding the browser from SS' NetworkAntiSpy module, which leaves MBAE correctly protecting it, and SS still protects the browser for the other actions where there's no conflict.

    Maybe they'll fix this in a future release, we'll see.

    You can close the topic now, thanks.


    Best regards,


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