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  1. Thanks. My second computer, which got the update yesterday, is also in Canada. Finally downloaded the setup file, since the first computer didn't get auto-updated yet. Regards, François
  2. Hi. One of my two computers got build 303 by auto-update, but not the other. Tried to download it here, but only the build 288 is available. Thanks!
  3. This build has not been announced here yet. Maybe they forgot?
  4. Got build 141 automatically today, but I see no announcement nor manual download link. ???
  5. Ok, thanks! I thought it was lower with the previous component package. Best, François
  6. Hi. Updated manually to the new component package. Rebooted twice since then, and memory consumption seems abnormal and maybe related to a conflit with MSE? Running W7 Pro x64 fully updated with MBAM premium and MSE only. Svchost is also high, maybe related to the conflict? MSE and MBAM are fully excluded from each other, by the way. Screenshot show the three most memory consuming apps running at the moment. Thnks!
  7. Do you run the very latest beta? (3.1.1) Did you excluded other security programs, if any? I have no more performance issues at all with this one.
  8. Thanks to you! Glad Malwarebytes finally have what seems to be a winner! You didn't notice anything worth fixing in my machine, with the logs I provided? Thanks again! François
  9. Good morning Ron. I installed the new beta, rebooted and compiled with and without self-protection. (the others were enabled) Congrats! The time was the same, i.e. short! Good work! Best, François
  10. Bingo! It's the self-protection module that causes the slowdown, even with the other four protections disabled! I'm attaching the requested files, but I can't include mbamservice.log in the logs because 7-zip complains it's open into another program. (makes sense) Had to disable self-protection to be able to make a zipfile of the other logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt logs.zip
  11. Oh, thanks, missed that one, sorry! I'll check again in a few days and let you know. However, for some reason, MBAM disappeared from the tray a couple of days ago. The service is running but not the tray app. Strange.
  12. Hi Devin. Please read posts #11 and #17 in this thread, to answer your second question.
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