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Hello @tonytomlinson and :welcome:

For a thorough analysis to commence, please reply to this topic with as much relevant and detailed information as you are able:

  1. Click on  Menu -> click on About This Mac -> click on Overview (tab) -> click on System Report... (button) -> click on Hardware Overview:  Report Apple's Model Name and Apple's Model Identifier.  (e.g. MacBook Air --- MacBookPro11,5)
  2. Click on  Menu -> click on About This Mac -> click on Overview (tab) -> click on Version.  Report the macOS version and (build).  (e.g. macOS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G6020))
  3. Is the installed Malwarebytes for Mac the Free, Premium or Premium Trial version?
  4. Launch the Malwarebytes for Mac App Dashboard -> click on Malwarebytes (App Menu) -> click on About Malwarebytes -> Version Information.  Report Malwarebytes' version: (e.g. 4.x.xx)
  5. In your next reply to this topic, please perform a legible Cut and Paste or perform a screenshot of the infection detection notification.  Screenshot files must be attached to replies.
  6. Did the infection notification occur during or after a Malwarebytes scheduled or manual scan?  ...during the use of a browser using Malwarebytes' Real-Time Protection?  If so, which browser(s).

Thank you.

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  • For a test, you can re-scan with Malwarebytes, follow its cleaning instructions and then empty the quarantine.
  • Given the symptoms (modification of the search engine) it may be ad-aware. 
  • Restart the Mac
  • Follow the instructions contained in these two posts by @treed

How to remove the after-effects of adware

If you then have problems with the internet connection  Internet connection lost after malware removal

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  • Staff
On 8/14/2020 at 11:56 PM, tonytomlinson said:

Malwarebytes says i'm infected however, won't let me removed the infections.

Can you provide a screenshot of exactly what you're seeing? 

Make a screenshot by following the directions here:


Attach the screenshot file, which will be found on the desktop, to a reply to this message.

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