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Internet connection lost after malware removal

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Some malware and adware will set up what is called a "proxy" in the network settings. This basically sends all your network data through a malicious process, either for the purposes of stealing that data or for injecting advertisements into website-related network traffic. When such a process is removed, that can cause an interruption of network connectivity.

In order to restore that connectivity, first try restarting your computer. If you have already done that without any improvement, you'll need to remove any proxy settings manually. To do that, open System Preferences and click the Network icon.

In the Network settings, click the Advanced button:


In the window that drops down, click the Proxies tab. Then, under "Select a protocol to configure", make sure all the boxes are unchecked.


Once  you're done, click OK, which will take you back to the Network screen. The Apply button in the bottom right corner will now be enabled. Click Apply. This should remove the proxy that was set and allow your network connection to operate normally again.

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