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Malware Protection is off – won’t stay on.

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Yesterday all my real-time protection was on - today both web protection & malware protection is off & wont' stay on. The web protection says Starting..... The malware protection just turns back off.

I originally posted this under Malware Removal for Windows, but was told it was in the incorrect place.

Malwarebyte problem.jpg

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A couple of things can be done if the Web protection is not starting:

1. Reboot your machine.


2. Right-click on the Malwarebytes system tray icon and click on "Quit Malwarebytes" and double click on the desktop shortcut to start the program again.

Staff is aware of an issue with Web protection failing or not starting correctly and the next program update should fix that issue.

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3 minutes ago, LCMinn said:

I took care of the problem myself. I used the Malwarebytes Clean uninstall, then reinstalled it. Everything is working as it should.

Good job:) That fixes 95% of issues. ;)

Thanks for the update and your continued support of Malwarebytes. If you have any more issues don’t hesitate to post.


Anyone else reading this topic and need assistance not all fixes will work for all users. , Please START your OWN NEW Topic. HERE

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