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  1. Hello @MAXBAR1 Can you please attach the screenshot of the scan window. Thank you.
  2. Hello @EvilPeppard The BSOD issue you are experiencing will most probably fixed in our next CU (CU6) Thank you for your patience.
  3. Hello @EvilPeppard Since we just released the CU5 Beta yesterday, we will be able to give you a better answer regarding the Version number for CU6 closer to the release date. I will bring up your BSOD once again to the team. Thank you for your continued patience and help.
  4. Hello @Astrix We did get feedback from user's saying that the new Beta solves the issue between KAS and our Ransomware protection layer. Strongly encourage to give it a try. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for the feedback @Max-H
  6. Thank you for the positive feedback guys.
  7. @hake Can you boot into safe mode and try to run AdwCleaner. Does it work ? Thank you
  8. Hello @ingber We have a defect filed for this issue and are looking into it. For now I would recommend running Malwarebytes with web protection turned off and running Malwarebytes Browser guard in conjunction. Another workaround is to disable bitdefender. Will let you know when we have a fix for this issue. Thank you.
  9. Hello @TripodBob What you are seeing is expected behavior. Thank you
  10. Hello @EvilPeppard Please let us know if you encounter the BSOD with the Beta build
  11. Hello @Eagle12 Can you please send us the following file from your system: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP Use a service like www.wetransfer.com to send us the file. Thank you.
  12. Hello @Mgraniel0676 The latest Cu version after you upgrade should be 1.0.823. If you continue to experience BSOD's after upgrading to the latest CU please let us know. Thank you
  13. Hello @EvilPeppard We are still looking into the issue. Can you please try this test for us: 1. Uninstall LMI. 2. Turn on web protection In Malwarebytes. Want to know if this still gives you a BSOD or is it all ok after that. Please let us know. Thank you.
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