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  1. Hello @abricru You can select the whole folder for exclusions and don't have to choose individual files. Attaching screenshot which shows how you can choose the Folder Exclusions option.
  2. Glad to know you were able to figure it out. A lot of people had this issue as they were switching the ID and key.
  3. Moving this topic to the Malware removal section. One of our Malware removal experts will assist you with your problem.
  4. Hello @CoolGirl That particular key cannot be found in our Database. Can you please message me the email address used to purchase the subscription? Thank you.
  5. Hello @johnsproul Using the following forum post below can you please send us the FRST.txt, Addition.txt and the log files? Thank you.
  6. We currently have no way to wake up computer from sleep for a scheduled scan . Best solution would be to set up a scan when computer is not asleep or in hibernation. Our older products had this feature but not the latest MB 3.x product. Thanks.
  7. Hello @amar7 Support just responded to you. Can you please provide them with the details they are asking for? Thank you,
  8. Thanks for confirming.
  9. Hello @HRS Can you please send us the FRST, Addition.txt and the logs using the following forum post for reference:
  10. Hello @dave_beast999 Support has responded to your ticket. Apologize for the delay but they have been handling a lot of issues lately and take on tickets on a first come first serve basis. Thank you.
  11. Hello @Lonestar166 Looks like support has already reached out to you regarding the licensing issue and now it should be resolved. Can you please confirm. Thank you.
  12. Hi @s3dbw Looks like you filed this ticket on Saturday. Lets give support a few more days to take a look into this. As @dcollins said, the team is busy with tickets and will get to yours soon. Please let us know if you don't hear anything by Friday
  13. Hello @s3dbw Just for reference can you please post your support ticket number. Thanks
  14. Hello @amar7 If you don't hear back by Thursday please let us know. You created the ticket on Saturday so lets give support a few days to look into this. Thank you.
  15. Hello @terencet Someone from the team is looking into the ticket and will respond to you shortly. Thank you.