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  1. That is good to know. We will keep you posted. Thank you @TempLost
  2. Was this after you upgraded to MB 3.4.5 or are you still on 3.4.4 ?
  3. MBAM 3.4.5 Win 10 BSOD

    Just sent you a Private message @WildCard65 Please let me know after getting the message and following the steps. Thank you.
  4. MBAM 3.4.5 Win 10 BSOD

    Hi @JeffACR73 Just sent you a private message. Thank you.
  5. Sounds good, thank you
  6. MBAM 3.4.5 Win 10 BSOD

    Hello @WildCard65 Thank you for the logs: Can you please send us the C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP file? It's quite large, so would need to be uploaded to a file hosting service such as Filemail The best way to send that file is to first copy it from it's current location to your desktop. Then, zip it before sending. If you use a third party archive tool such as WinRAR or 7zip, it can usually compress quite a bit more than with Windows' native zip utility. I'll send you a Private Message with an email address you can use with Filemail. Thank you for your help
  7. Looks like you have MB 3.4.4 with a bad CU. Build 3.4.5 of MB has a fix for the issue. Can you please follow instructions from this post below and run mb-clean. After you run the tool, clean up and reboot you will be prompted to install the latest MB 3.4.5 product which should fix this issue. Keep us posted.
  8. Installation issue.

    If that does not work for you can you also please try the following: Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog In the dialog window, type certmgr.msc and click Ok In the window that comes up, on the left side, double click Untrusted Certificates so you can see the folders beneath it If a Certificate folder exists, click it Delete any certificates in this folder that have the name Malwarebytes in it Reboot After reboot install Malwarebytes product.
  9. Hello @Mandy116 Before you install MB 3.4.5 lets make sure everything is cleaned from your system. Download mb-clean from Run mb-clean and let it remove everything If the tool finds something, it will clean up and ask you to reboot. After reboot the tool will automatically prompt you to download the latest 3.4.5 build. After running the tool if nothing is found, you can safely install MB 3.4.5 yourself. Let us know if that worked.
  10. Hello @e143slime8 According to your mb-check logs all services and protection layers are running correctly. Can you please try this and see if it makes a difference ? Reboot system (See if that turns on web protection in the UI) Let us know if that worked. Thank you.
  11. Lost Lifetime Key

    Hello @kagetsu At this point, its best to open a ticket with support. They would he able to help you with the amnesty key. Here is the link for support : Thank you.
  12. As @dcollins mentioned we don't have any known conflicts with McAffee at this point in time. However if you want to add exclusions please all the files listed in the the doc you mentioned in post #4. Hope this helps. Thank you.
  13. Installation issue.

    Can you try installing in safe mode. Also if you can install in safe mode, can you please run a scan and check if there are any detections and quarantine them. Thank you.
  14. Hello @Mandy116 You are on an older build that had some performance issues. Our latest MB 3.4.5 build has a fix for this issue. Can you please try this : 1. Download the latest build from 2. Run the installer on top of the existing product, no need to uninstall anything. 3. Please let us know if you are still seeing the issue after upgrade to MB 3.4.5 Thank you.
  15. Hello @FredPeltier Can you please follow the forum post below and send us the logs: Thank you