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Update to 3.2 on 3 systems

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I have 3 systems running Windows 10 1703. On 2 systems running 3.1 release I did an over the top upgrade with a downloaded install file.

I tried the Install Application Updates a few times with no joy.

On my Laptop running 3.2 beta I used the Install Application Update and it worked.

All went well and it's looking good.

Jim :ph34r:


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Using the link that was provided, I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes Premium on two of three computers; one running Windows 10 Home v1703 (spare PC) and one running Windows 10 Pro v1703 (my PC). Both installations were error free. I'll update my wife's computer (Windows 10 Pro v1703) a little later after I've had more time with the new version. Seems okay so far, thanks!!!!!! :)

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5 hours ago, nikhils said:

Hello @Phone Man

Glad to know 3.2 is working well for you. Due to metering the downloads you may have not gotten the upgrades on your Desktop.

Thank you.

Clicking ‘Install Application Updates’ button now downloads available component updates and releases regardless of limits in place for automatic update delivery

I assumed this would only work on 3.2 version when it worked on my 3.2 beta install and not on my 3.1 installs.

At least we know it works with 3.2.

Jim :ph34r:

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Does Malwarebytes 3 automatically update program versions?  If yes when will 3.2 be rolled out?  I had problems with some computers on v2 not being offered v3 and wonder if the same will happen in v3.

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