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  1. In life you need to learn to ignore some things. The first time I clicked the banner Get Full Protection and realized it for just a way to get Malwarebytes which I have had for years. I now hardly notice it. Jim 😎
  2. That is correct. No indication of anything. After removal and new install it is working fine. Try this current forum site. I got 39 Add network and trackers hits. Jim
  3. I just receive the new Browser Guard extension for Firefox through auto-update. Same story I had with the Chrome version. No hits with the new extension. I had to remove it and did a new install and now it is working fine. I tried a Private window and with that option turned on in the extension it works also. All is good. Jim 😎
  4. Phone Man

    incognito mode

    My bad. I should of been in the Chrome forum. Using Edge Beta the extension did not work after an update from old version. I had to do a clean install to get it working. I was NOT in a InPrivate window. I tried an InPrivate window and it prevents extensions from working although they are still on. I had to turn on the InPrivate option on each of my extensions and now they work. Jim 😎
  5. I got it through auto-update and I found it was not getting any hits on the same sites that the old version had hits. I deleted the new extension and installed from the store. Now it is getting hits. Jim 😎
  6. I got the Chrome extension 2 days ago with auto-update. This is on Vivaldi and Edge Beta (chromium). The older version was showing some hits but this new version showed 0 hits on same sites. I deleted the new extension and installed it from the store. Now it is working correctly and now getting hits. On Vivaldi it went to work right away but on Edge it asked for an e-mail address before I could use it. Jim 😎
  7. The Chrome extension on Edge Beta and Vivaldi did an auto-update so we shall see what it does on Firefox. I had to turn on the permissions and the settings but it is working great. Jim 😁
  8. It does need an explanation but it says "Know your e-mail address" and not access your E-mail. I just got it yesterday and will be looking for more information from Malwarebytes. Typical of Malwarebytes - release it and update the forums later. Jim 😁
  9. The Chrome version has been updated to Malwarebytes Browser Guard and did an auto update on Edge Beta (chromium) and Vivaldi. The Firefox version is still the Beta 1.47. Jim 😎
  10. Why does Malwarebytes need to be registered with the Action Center.? It will still work the same even if there is no other AV on your system. Jim 😎
  11. On my systems I select "never" as I am running Norton Security and Norton disables Defender. If I remove Norton then Defender will come alive. I have not seen a good reason to have Malwarebytes register with the action center. Jim 😎
  12. In Malwarebytes check Settings-Application-Windows Action Center and select "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". I have 3 system with Malwarebytes and W10 1903 with this setting and all is fine. Jim 😎
  13. In Malwarebytes check Settings-Application-Windows Action Center and select "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". Then use the default settings in Windows Defender and they will play nice together. Jim 😎
  14. If you click on the Date and Time header it will sort by that field and a 2nd click will reverse the order. Jim 😎
  15. I just tried stopping the various protection and the only one that made a change in the Windows Security report was turning off Malware Protection and MBAM disappeared from the report.. Turning off the other protections made no change . It is kind of useless having MBAM registered with the Action Center. Jim ?
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