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  1. On my system I renamed mbae64.sys by adding a letter in front. I then rebooted my system and then was able to delete it. Jim
  2. What version of MB 3 are you using. MB released Component Update 1.0.103 to address that problem with Windows Creators Update a few days ago and was pushed out through MB update service. Jim
  3. I think the problem started with CP 1.0.96 update. Jim
  4. When you open the Dashboard, if a scan is running there will be a green moving line under the Scan tab. Click on Scan and it will show you the scan in progress. Jim
  5. You can try this and see if it helps. Go to Managed Protected Applications under Exploit Protection in Settings and turn off Word and Excel protection. Jim
  6. There is a conflict between Norton Exploit Prevention and MB 3 Exploit Protection. The work around is to go to Manage Protected Applications under Exploit Protection and turn off FF an Chrome protection. Malwarebytes is working on this. Jim
  7. Tonight I updated to W10 1703 Build 15063.13 and no change with Firefox. I did notice that Norton keeps turning on its Exploit Prevention so I turned off Firefox Exploit in MB. MB 3 is working great with this new W10 build. Jim
  8. I have NSBU Also there was a patch on Thursday 3/30 to fix a toolbar problem affecting IE 11. Jim
  9. It also affects Chrome from this thread. I don't have Chrome on my system. Jim
  10. Full credit to Imacri over at Norton Forum. Jim
  11. Found a workaround for my Firefox problem in a Norton Forum post. I am running Norton Security and they have an Exploit Prevention feature in their Firewall. I turned it off in Norton and back on in MB 3 and Firefox is fine. Jim
  12. Found a workaround over in Norton Forum. I am running NSBU and they have in their Firewall an Exploit Prevention feature and turning it OFF clears the problem with Firefox. I will leave it off in Norton and on in MB 3 to do more testing. Jim
  13. Looks like you are doin it right and I am out of ideas. Hopefully Collins will come back in. Sorry I couldn't help more. Jim
  14. Did you use the - marks between each 4 entries? XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX and cap letters? If you did then the key may have gotten blocked. Jim
  15. Did you get a green check on Key also. It should do that after the ID is entered. Both green checkmarks. Jim