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  1. If you have the new CU3 it will show this. When you install you will see the following under Version Information on the About screen: Malwarebytes version: Component package version: 1.0.69
  2. If you decide to wait for an updated MB 3 version, in MB 2 go to Update Settings and clear the check mark for "check for program updates when checking for database updates". Then when you are ready you can download the latest version and manually install it. My systems are on hold waiting for an updated version of MB 3 after they fix the remaining bugs. Jim
  3. I see this issue is not listed in the latest Know Issue update thread. Is this problem being ignored???? Jim
  4. Just remember to turn off Anti-Ransomware when doing an image. Norton said they have a fix and is testing it now and will announce when they release it. Glade you found the problem and hopefully those buffer files don't get out of hand. Jim
  5. You can use this free program and it will show you your files and the sizes. If you run as Administrator it will show you the contents of the System Volume Information. Jim
  6. There is know bug in MB 3 and a fix is being tested and should be out soon. Most image programs will write some temp files in the C:\System Volume Information folder and normally these files will be deleted when the image program completes. In MB3 if Anti-Ransomware Protection is on when the image is made the temp files are not deleted. A quick fix is to turn off Anti-Ransomware Protection and then do a new image and this should clear all the leftover files. This bug does not affect the actual image so the older image is still good. You can try this and see if your regain your missing space. Jim
  7. I have been running the release version of MB 3.0.5 and waiting until 3.0.6 made it to release. The only problems I had with 3.0.5 was the occasional Protection alert on startup and this problem with imaging. I installed MB on Wednesday when it went to release status. Upgrade went good and all seemed OK. I restarted my system and got the Protection alert but MB was OK when I checked. The next morning when I booted my system I got the Profile error which I have never had before. I took the Log off choice and it then Logged in with no problems. This morning when I logged in the tray icon had a red x and when I opened MB it showed that Web Site protection was off but in a few seconds it went active. I have this on a Laptop that I use when traveling so I use it to Beta test also at times. As I will be doing a lot of travel this month I have gone back to MBAM 2. Too many bugs to run MBAM 3 on a system I will be depending on. Uninstall went fine and I only had to clean out leftovers in Program Data folder. Back on MBAM 2 and will monitor this forum and see where this new products goes. Jim
  8. I updated from 3.0.5 release version to release version yesterday and on a restart got the Notice that Protection was OFF but icon was green. (I thought this was fixed) When I booted my system this morning I got the Profile error which I have never had before. I took the choice to Log Out and the next Login worked fine. Going back to MBAM 2. Too many bugs. Jim
  9. OK, back on my topic. I have read the replies and this is what I surmised. 1) It does not affect the Macrium image file so the image is safe to use. 2) It just leaves the extra files in the SVI directory on the PC if Macrium is run with Anti-Ransomware activated. 3) If Macrium is run with Anti-Ransomware deactivated it will clean out all those leftover files even those from previous runs of Macrium. If I misunderstood please advise. Thanks for all those that have responded. Jim
  10. Aura indicated that the bad image file would be larger than the normal image file. Does the spurious files have a name? I looked in my image SVI directory and there are a few directories and a couple files but nothing very big. So you are saying the spurious files are in the SVI folder on the SSD or HDD and not in the image files. I can't get into my SVI folder on my SSD so I need to figure that out to see what it contains. A little confused right now as what I am looking for. Jim
  11. Are the "large files in SVI" in just the backup image file or are they left on the main system? Jim
  12. I use Macrium Reflex to image all my systems and have for years. I have MBAM 3.0.5 on my Laptop and wondering what this statement means. Do I need to turn off Ransomware when during an image? Why wasn't we told about this long ago? I have not seen any errors so are my previous images damaged and how would I know? Sure glad I only have this new MBAM on one system as I depend on images for emergencies. I guess I will return to MBAM 2 until MBAM 3 is fully fixed. Come On Man!!!! Jim
  13. Download the version and click on the .exe file and it will start the install. During the install it may ask if you want the Trial version, but uncheck that choice and it will install the Free version. After install at the top of the Dashboard there should be an Activate button and that will let you put in your ID and Key. Jim
  14. Got it and I replied. Jim
  15. I did not get your e-mail. Jim