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  1. It helps control the spammers and trolls. I belong to a lot of Forums and they all require a login to post for the same reason. Jim
  2. Thanks Devin. Can't slip stuff by us anymore. We will ask questions. Jim
  3. I just noticed on my systems I now have Component Package 1.0.141. Download link has new CP included. Any news on what it fixes? Jim
  4. I run MB 3 and Norton Security together on 3 systems with no problems. Jim
  5. I have used Norton for years and not sure about other products. When you open Norton and click on History you get the screen below and there is a Show window to select what type of History you want such as Live Updates, Scans Results and so on. MB could have the Report button to open a similar window and have a choice to what you want. (Scan Reports, Updates, Website Blocks) On Norton you can clear the results in any area or all the History.
  6. I have Norton Security and it has a menu to access the History of the product. One of the items is Live Update which will show the information of each update and will even list what definitions were updated. It takes a few clicks to get to the information but it is available and easy to get to.
  7. OK, I understand your concern. I guess you can tell them if it says Current it has been updated recently (within 24hrs). I have been getting updates about every 4 hours but it varies. If my systems have been off for over 24 hrs I get the out of date warning. Jim
  8. How are you checking your clients PC's? Are you just calling and asking or are you accessing their systems to check? One note is that MB will flag the product if it has not been updated within 24hrs. If you are accessing their system then my log file workaround should be all you need. JIm
  9. I just put a shortcut to the log file on my Desktop so I can check it with 1 click and don't have to go into MB. Just an easy work around until MB does something different. Jim
  10. Update Current means MB was updated within 24 hrs. There is a update log that will show you when updates were done. Go to C:/ProgramData/Malwarebytes/MBAMService and look at dbupdate.log text file. In that same folder it will also show the update files (.mbdb) with their date. Jim
  11. I have MB set to Never Register with Action Center as I also have Norton. I see no need for MB to register with the Action center. Jim
  12. There was a post on here a while back on the meaning of Updates: Current but can't find it. Something about it was Current within a 24 hr period as there is an option to notify if the updates were older than 24 hrs. Maybe they could change that to the date and time of the last update on your system as that is logged as shown in my last post. Also there are 4 products included in MB 3 and I would suspect that as each ones database is updated it is included in an update package as they probably are not all updated at the same time.
  13. If you go to C:/Program Data/Malwarebytes/MBAMservice folder it will show the latest update files and open dbupdate.log and it will list all your updates. My last updated was 30 min ago at 4:30 PM CST.
  14. On my Windows 10 systems I went to "turn Windows features on or off" and turned SMB 1.0 off. Give it a try and it can always be enable again. Jim
  15. Here are my scan results on my W10 desktop. All scans had every thing checked. 371,000 items. Ver Scheduled Scan 2:53 min CPU hit 95% Ver Scheduled Scan 9:40 min CPU hit 30% Ver Manual Scan Low Priority 9:16 min CPU hit 30% Ver Manual Scan High Priority 3:46 min CPU hit 95% Jim