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  1. Why does Malwarebytes need to be registered with the Action Center.? It will still work the same even if there is no other AV on your system. Jim 😎
  2. On my systems I select "never" as I am running Norton Security and Norton disables Defender. If I remove Norton then Defender will come alive. I have not seen a good reason to have Malwarebytes register with the action center. Jim 😎
  3. In Malwarebytes check Settings-Application-Windows Action Center and select "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". I have 3 system with Malwarebytes and W10 1903 with this setting and all is fine. Jim 😎
  4. In Malwarebytes check Settings-Application-Windows Action Center and select "Never register Malwarebytes in the Windows Action Center". Then use the default settings in Windows Defender and they will play nice together. Jim 😎
  5. If you click on the Date and Time header it will sort by that field and a 2nd click will reverse the order. Jim 😎
  6. I just tried stopping the various protection and the only one that made a change in the Windows Security report was turning off Malware Protection and MBAM disappeared from the report.. Turning off the other protections made no change . It is kind of useless having MBAM registered with the Action Center. Jim ?
  7. I normally don't register MBAM with the Action Center. I just did it and this is mine. If you open Mbam what does it show?
  8. Where are you seeing this. Do your have MBAM set to register with the Action Center? If so you may want to change it to Never register.
  9. So I assume that self-protection is actually working. Is that the Chameleon service? Jim ?
  10. There are not any Lifetime license for sale anymore. They stopped a few years ago. All new license are 1 year. The new license just have a Key only. Old Lifetime Licence had a Key + ID. The install script defaults to Key only and there should be a check block if you have an old License with Key + ID. Jim ?
  11. I no longer do Beta and a lot of people would not know to go to the Beta forum to get information on a release. I feel an updated change notice or release notes should be posted on this forum when an update is released. Jim
  12. I saw that earlier but the Beta site has more information but I am not clear on the current status. Jim
  13. I received this CP 1.0.391 today and the only release notes are on the Beta page and is 5 days old. Are there updated release notes? Jim
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