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  1. Permanent Module Disabling Feature - Available?

    I think this it the option you want. This is the current release version 3.1.2
  2. Malwarebytes 3.2 Beta 2 Now Available

    Deleted. Commended on wrong problem. Jim
  3. New Beta fixed it on my Laptop also. I did both shutdown and restart and looks good. About 8-9 sec. Jim
  4. Beta Application Updates

    Had to run to store. When I got back I booted again and let it set. In a short time I got the notification about a new version. It installed fine and all options remained unchanged including a scheduled scan. Also shutdown and restart are back to normal. Jim
  5. Beta Application Updates

    I just booted my system and ran Install Application Updates and after a 2nd try it updated and I now have CP 1.0.182. Jim
  6. Beta Application Updates

    Great, I'll give it a try. Running Beta on my Laptop I use on vacation and I use Macrium Free to image it on a regular basis. I believe in Safety first. I use a Belt and Suspenders.
  7. New WU today and no problem with MB Beta running. Received Cumulative Update, Windows Malicious Software Removal Update and Flash Update. Jim
  8. I saw this new option in the Beta version and it is off by default. Should we turn this on? Jim
  9. Windows Phantom Update issue

    I have seen the same thing on the previous Windows update last Month and again this Month. Mine did shutdown after a while and next boot and restart were Normal. It only happen on my Laptop and my others systems were fine. Jim
  10. No problem on my Laptop running W10 Home. Got Office 2013 updates on Tuesday 8/1 and later that evening I got the Cumulative update. I had installed the MB 3.2 Beta the day before. Jim
  11. Glad you got it working. Jim
  12. Ran into the slow shutdown problem on both systems. I removed the Beta on my PC and went back to release version. Mb-Clean worked great and it is back to normal. Laptop still on Beta for testing. Following this threat for updates. Jim Prior to running MB-Clean I deactivated my License. mb-clean-results.txt
  13. I can confirm the same scenario on 2 of my W10 systems. Fast Startup is OFF on both these systems. On my main PC I decided to remove the Beta (need it for production work) but it still remains on my Laptop for testing. The new MB-Clean worked great and PC back to normal. Jim
  14. I updated my Laptop and it went well. Same result as my 1st system but did not need a restart. Looking at the uninstall files on my PC it showed this error: Deleting file: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbae64.dll The file appears to be in use (5). Will delete on restart. I had previous been using this PC's browser and it probably did not close properly. On my Laptop I did the update after a clean boot so no browser leftovers and it did not show this problem. Restart Required No Restart Required Jim
  15. I also had a similar problem which requested a restart. My update files are in my post Jim