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  1. New CP 1.0.207

    Thanks for the update. It is appreciated. JIm
  2. New CP 1.0.207

    I just got this new Component Package 1.0.207. Any information on it? Jim
  3. Lifetime license pool

    A lot of "Lifetime" designations mean different things depending on the company. Some limit it to the existing version of a product and others like Malwarebytes are honoring it for their new v3 product which is a great deal as it contains additional programs that were not in v2.
  4. New MB 3.2 and Heuristics Scan

    Thanks Devin, that's good to know. Jim
  5. Heuristic Analysis scan gap.

    I see the same gap with a Scheduled Threat scan but with a Manual Threat scan it looks normal. See my post below. Jim
  6. New MB 3.2 and Heuristics Scan

    My manual scans look fine. On the Scheduled Threat scan the file scan goes to approx 285,000 and then the Heuristics runs for just a split second and then closes and shows approx 359,000 I see this in another post also. Jim
  7. New MB 3.2 and Heuristics Scan

    My bad. I was testing 2 PC's and lost track. Schedule scan on 8/31 4:00 PM Manual scan on 8/31 4:26 PM and 9/1 8:30 PM Jim
  8. New MB 3.2 and Heuristics Scan

    A friend notice this and I have just seen this on my systems. When running a scheduled Threat scan it will do the Heuristic scan very quickly , just a few spins of the icon. With a manual scan run at high priority it will take a lot longer for the Heuristic scan. I saw this on 2 systems. Windows 10 1703 fully updated and MB CP 1.0.188. Jim
  9. Update to 3.2 on 3 systems

    Clicking ‘Install Application Updates’ button now downloads available component updates and releases regardless of limits in place for automatic update delivery I assumed this would only work on 3.2 version when it worked on my 3.2 beta install and not on my 3.1 installs. At least we know it works with 3.2. Jim
  10. Update to 3.2 on 3 systems

    I have 3 systems running Windows 10 1703. On 2 systems running 3.1 release I did an over the top upgrade with a downloaded install file. I tried the Install Application Updates a few times with no joy. On my Laptop running 3.2 beta I used the Install Application Update and it worked. All went well and it's looking good. Jim
  11. Permanent Module Disabling Feature - Available?

    I think this it the option you want. This is the current release version 3.1.2
  12. Malwarebytes 3.2 Beta 2 Now Available

    Deleted. Commended on wrong problem. Jim
  13. New Beta fixed it on my Laptop also. I did both shutdown and restart and looks good. About 8-9 sec. Jim
  14. Beta Application Updates

    Had to run to store. When I got back I booted again and let it set. In a short time I got the notification about a new version. It installed fine and all options remained unchanged including a scheduled scan. Also shutdown and restart are back to normal. Jim
  15. Beta Application Updates

    I just booted my system and ran Install Application Updates and after a 2nd try it updated and I now have CP 1.0.182. Jim