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  1. Exploit Protection killed Firefox. It opens with a partial page with header and toolbars but just spins trying to access any page. Turned off Exploit Protection for Firefox and it works. I went back to CP 1.0.75 and no problem with Firefox. Jim
  2. I have now moved to MB 3.0.6 CU4 Beta after removing MB 3 and clean install of this new Beta. I am running Default Options with Scan for Rootkits ON. Installed on 3/25 early afternoon. Its early but OK for now. MB CP 1.0.96 Jim
  3. They just add a new post as the new Beta's are released. Jim
  4. You are in the right Forum now just read some of the pined post at top for the links. The first thread in this Forum has the link to the latest hot-fix Beta. I can't find the link to 1.09.1334 Stable but you could try the latest hot-fix Beta 1.09.1362. Jim
  5. Just download it and use it. For now it is the Free or Trial version but when 1.10 is released it will be a free premium version. Version 1.09.1334 is the Stable Beta version. The others are hot-fix Beta versions. The stable versions will be auto upgraded to the next stable version if you have "Auto Upgrade to New Versions" checked under Settings. Jim
  6. From what I have read the high usage in MB 3 is by design as it does a lot of extras. I think they may be working on an option for that. Also MB 2 is supposed to be retired in June but maybe MB 3 will have all its bugs fixed by then. I only have MB 3 on a test system and use MB 2 on my other systems. In MB 2 under Update Settings make sure the 2nd line is unchecked (Check for program updates). This is causing the out of date warning. I don't know about the license part as all mine are Lifetime and good for MB2 and MB3 Jim
  7. I will try turning off Self Protection and see what happens as I wait for the next fix. Jim
  8. FORGET ABOUT IT Back to a failure on boot this morning. Malware Protection was off and would not start. Restart and it flashed the red X and then went blue. Looking forward to next update and hope for the best. Jim
  9. I think I found my problem. I have been running Norton Security on this system. It was installed a while back and has had 4-5 version updates. I had a few minor questions with NS and decided to remove it and do a clean install of the latest version and of course they just updated again yesterday. MB 3 was looking good and so I went back to default boot with NO delay and no problems for 3 days. On occasion I see the MB icon shows the red X on boot but clears before I can look at it. Probably just waiting for all the protections to turn on. I will wait until the next MB update and then try it on my other systems. Jim
  10. The free version of Anti-Exploit protects 13 Browsers and also Java. Jim
  11. Thanks Devin, They did show up on the iptest I did yesterday so I guess its working now. Its weird as each iptest shows one report but the Dashboard adds 3. Is there a way to clear the count on the Dashboard. I cleared the reports but it has no affect on the Dashboard count. Jim
  12. Not much help on what it found. Protection History This panel shows three key statistics. It shows how many items were scanned, how many threats were detected during scans, and how many threats were detected by real-time protection. Please note that the number of items scanned includes individual files that are part of archive files, as well as components in dynamic link library (DLL) files. Also note that real-time detections can only occur in Premium and Trial modes.
  13. Looking at the Dashboard and it shows at the bottom - Real-Time detections 63. Is there a log somewhere? I look under Reports but it just lists Scan results. Update: I used the iptest from MB and when it blocks the site it increments the count by 6. Jim
  14. Windows 10 Update and then more problems. After restarting and checking the system it all looked good. On next restart Ransomware Protection did not start but it manually started OK. 7:40 PM CDT. Next restart got the Profile Error and logout cleared that. 7:50 PM CDT Next restart got the Profile Error again and logout cleared that. 10:45 PM CDT Next restart was normal. Waiting on next MB update, hope it fixes these intermittent problems. Jim
  15. That has been showing that for some time but doesn't seem to affect the cleaning. Lot of people have seen this including myself. Jim