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  1. Thanks!!!! Seems to have resolved the issue!
  2. I installed Windows 10 Pro Fall Creators Update today and haven't encountered any issues. However, for anyone that needs "Fast Startup" disabled because certain programs, like Norton Security, need to have a full restart for some updates; typical of the major Windows updates it turns "Fast Startup" back to on.
  3. Using the link that was provided, I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes Premium on two of three computers; one running Windows 10 Home v1703 (spare PC) and one running Windows 10 Pro v1703 (my PC). Both installations were error free. I'll update my wife's computer (Windows 10 Pro v1703) a little later after I've had more time with the new version. Seems okay so far, thanks!!!!!!
  4. Thanks, bdubrow, for the added information. I, for one, really like the feature to always pull down the latest updates from within MB3 even though the updates are being metered out!!!!!
  5. One of my three PC's updated to Component Package 1.0.141 today, no issues!
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