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  1. That was my question. Firefox answered it with the advice to delete the file and you helped by telling me to exit the program first. Not sure how a discussion about the program etc. was brought in since if I had any specific concerns I would have raised them. There are dozens of those types of threads already or as someone suggested someone can start their own thread.
  2. Can someone close this thread? Got my answer but it seems some want to take it further than the original question. I just didn't want the update prompt on a computer that my son uses.
  3. Thank you I was able to delete the file. Hopefully that stops the update prompt.
  4. Easier said than done. "File Access is Denied"
  5. Is it possible to stop the popup wanting to install the new version? I disabled the setting that I thought would do it "notify me when full version updates are available" but I still get the notification every few minutes it seems. I did what this article stated yet I still get notification to install the new version, which I am not ready to do on that machine. Its too bad the settings don't work as they should. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2142
  6. I did not upgrade, yet I lost my Premium version. I think Malwarebytes should be aware of that aspect in general. In my case I have reached out to support but they only sent a form response with links to essentially the same suggestions. Since I now have no record of the license that was "lost" I believe I am out of luck of getting it restored.
  7. One of my computers previously on a lifetime subscription reverted to a free trial, without ever having updated to 3.8.3. I didn't realize it for several weeks until I saw all these posts. Why it happened I do not know as it seems the update would have triggered any issues. But no matter, the damage is done. I can no longer see the license that was previously valid. It was bought long ago from an electronics retailer (came as a disk, which I have misplaced over the years) and was never registered as this was long before that option and I never knew to do it. I guess I am out of luck.
  8. Well I think it happened to some even before 3.8.3. But for sure the latest version will wipe out multiple uses from the same license.
  9. It scans just fine, manual or scheduled. Its just when it misses a scheduled scan that it doesn't scan the next time it should.
  10. Five computers are all configured exactly the same in terms of the MBAM scheduled scan, etc. but only this one doesn't run a missed MBAM scan. The computer is asleep, not shut down so Fast Startup, etc. should not come in to play. The computer should run the scan when it is next active after a missed scan, as all the others do, but it doesn't.
  11. I have my weekly scheduled scan task created exactly the same on five computers. All will run the scan even if the scheduled time is missed (due to recover missed tasks being selected), except on one. It will not run the scan if it is missed. I even deleted the scheduled task and recreated and the same thing is happening. Frustrating. Please don't request logs, etc. This is a brand new computer with nothing on it but this program, CCleaner and browsers.
  12. Thanks for this as well. For me it only seemed to be opening small on my 1080p laptop, on my lower resolution screens it seems fine.
  13. I never got the new component package on one of my computers, all the others got it days ago. Had to manually update it on the last. So wish MBAM would update consistently across all my machines.
  14. Sorry to say but that was not my issue this time. The program started notifying me a week or two ago that a new version was available to install. I did not install due to the issues with the component package. Once the new component package was issued I was unclear as to how to make sure that is the one that is installed. Frankly I still am.
  15. If you were responding to me, my question was pretty straightforward and I'm not sure why logs would be involved. Sorry to say but that seems to be always the response even when it isn't close to accurate. Malwarebytes released a new component package. The download link still has the old one. It was suggested to use the "Install Application Updates" button to install instead. My question was that the old component package was apparently already downloaded to my machine via the normal upgrade process, what will happen if I try to install now? Would I get the old component package or the new? to avoid the unknown I would just like to download the new component package, but it isn't available even though Malwarebytes thought they were providing a link for it. To be honest it should not be this complicated to upgrade a program. MBAM has had issues going back quite a while, I was one of many who never received the last upgrade via the program. Never.
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