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Is it true I can't reinstall Windows 7 after Windows 10 upgrade?


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I've looked around on the internet a bit about this and it seems there's some 30-day period of time where after it's over, I can no longer reinstall Windows 7 using my disc?  Is this true?  Am I stuck with Windows 10?  And if so, is there anyway to reinstall Windows 10 fresh from a completely new blank hard drive?

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Hello ZMA.


I wonder if you question is posed the right way?  or maybe you need to provide some other detail?


The thing is, when you first upgrade from either a Windows 8.1 or 7, TO Windows 10, during the first 30 day period, you can revert back to the older o.s.

Therefore, make a decision prior to that 30 days.

That is as far as having Windows 10 or rather, keeping it.


Beyond all that, if you elect to do so, you can wipe the HDD and reinstall Windows 7 as a clean install from the WIN7 install media   if that is what you gotta do.


TIP:  Make a system image backup before doing any upgrade.  Backup is your best friend.


BUT I think you are also asking about a Windows *10* re-install !!

Yes, you can.

You can do a clean installation of Windows 10 afterwards at any time,



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