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Hmm not for me!?

I testet now with all browsers: Firefox 30, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 22 and SRWare Iron 34 (Chrome fork)

Everytime the same error... :(


PS: I have Windows XP 32 bit running


see my screens:

Hm there is no upload link in this reply... sorry

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Hi AdvancedSetup


Thanx for testing and your reply. I restated my computer now. But i get the same error on all browser...


Have you tried with Windows XP 32bit operating system?


Also i cannot  choose Windows XP in the drop-down box under OS. (It appears not)

I see only

Windows 8.1 64bit and 32bit

Windows 8 64bit and 32bit

Windows 7 64bit and 32bit

Windows Vista 64bit


I had never problems with contact forms on other websites. So i think something is wrong with yours.

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I don't have an XP box to test, but both the US and German pages load fine for me, too, under Win7, Firefox 30.

I recall seeing an isolated report from time to time of users not seeing XP in the dropdown list of OS choices, but, again, this works for me, too.


I know that neither of these observations helps you. :(


Sorting out the web contact form may require help from a different team (the web team) and it is a U.S. holiday today.


So, in the interim, is there a problem with MBAM with which we might be able to help you here in the forum? :)




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Hi daledoc1


thank you too for testing. Ok, maybe you can forward the 2 contact form bugs (or this forum thread) to the web team?


...ahh now i see how to attach files in my reply... :)


Windows Vista - 32bit and Windows XP - 32bit not appears:



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I am just a forum volunteer, but I am sure that @AdvancedSetup will report your findings to the web team.

I do recall seeing 1 or 2 other such reports a long time ago, but I don't recall what the explanation or "fix" was.

I'm not sure if it was something on the web site servers or the users' system.

And I don't know if it can be resolved today.


In any event, since you had been trying to open a support ticket at the help desk, I assume that you would like assistance with a problem with MBAM?

If so, perhaps if you could explain the problem, we can help to resolve it here in the forum?


EDIT: OOPS! It seems that you have started a new topic for your underlying issue: Check lifetime license :)

I will reply to you there.... :)



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I do not know what IE browser version you are using, but you can also try setting the page to compatibility mode, and then see if you get the option for Windows XP....


Good idea!

I had forgotten to suggest that. :)



I testet now with all browsers: Firefox 30, Internet Explorer 8, Opera 22 and SRWare Iron 34 (Chrome fork)


I wonder if it's not something with the web page server in his area, as I seem to recall this problem's being reported once or twice before.

IIRC It ended up not being a problem with the user's browser.


Then again, who knows? :D

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Just to confirm I see no problem with the English version of the contact form https://www.malwarebytes.org/support/consumer/contact/


But I DO see the problem as described with the German version http://de.malwarebytes.org/support/consumer/contact/

This also occurs with the https version as well https://de.malwarebytes.org/support/consumer/contact/


The German version also appears to be odd in that it only list Malwarebytes Anti-Malware with no Premium version

- it also lists only two versions v2.0 or v1.75 

- instead of all four possible versions shown in the english version


The other odd thing is that before selecting anything else the german version does list all 9 Windows versions including Windows XP - 32 bit 

- but it looses Windows Vista 32 bit after you select a product - not just MBAM - several others also cause this

- and looses Windows XP 32 bit after you select a version


I see on two different computers one running XP 32bit and the other Win7 64bit  

- and the fault show in all browsers I have installed IE8, IE11, Google Chrome and SRWare Iron


This appears to be a server end fault.

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