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  1. I had to resort to uninstall and reinstall to regain the Allow List editing icons. Unfortunately this particular case doesn't allow you to use the sliders to reverse the Allow List addition. This is because the entry is the actual download link - which doesn't display a web-page, it just triggers the download. Also for this download you can't complete the download without ticking the box to add to Allow List. Unless you tick the box to add the Allow List entry you get stuck in a loop - with two repeating warnings - the first one for the full download link itself - and if you override that you get the second warning for the domain url (s3.amazonaws.com). The only way out is to tick the box to add to the Allow List. One plus is that if you tick the box on the second warning (domain url) then the entry in the Allow List is a normal length and the editing icons display as normal. You can test this by using the PC & Mac Download button on this page https://www.amazon.co.uk/kindle-dbs/fd/kcp The s3.amazonaws.com domain needs white-listing.
  2. I have just encountered the same issue. I tried to download the Amazon Kindle reader for PC and Browser Guard blocked the download as suspicious - so ticked the box to over-ride and it added the whole download URL string including the filename - http…amazonaws.com/kindleforpc/55076/kindleforpc-installer-1.26.55076.exe As noted the GUI doesn't cope with such a long entry and you can no longer see either of the two delete options (Remove All or the Trashcan icon)
  3. Thanks for the whitelisting. But it would still be helpful to know what specifically was triggering the warning. I hand code the whole site and would like to understand what to avoid in any future projects.
  4. Stargateuk.info website is blocked as a Malware/Scams risk This is my own simple website - all hand coded - with no fancy features. I am at a loss to understand why it is triggering this warning I get the message "Website blocked due to possible suspicious activity" I have to disable the Malware/Scams protection to gain access The Malwarebytes main program (v2 & v3) have no issue with the site Virus Total shows no problems either: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/fb6769f68b6840b5c1bdb4186d9a6889e794b6d6b870b001d16cbb9a07e0e609/detection Would be helpful to know what specifically is triggering the warning This is a new economy hosting plan from Godaddy With simple hand coded HTML pages There are no scripts, counters, trackers or other apps running
  5. Agree - there are big problems with Chrome v67 and v68 Opening links in a new tab gives blank page (endless loading), attempting to add extensions freezes during "Checking", attempting to open internal chrome pages freezes with blank page (eg Extensions, Settings) and chrome.exe modules remain resident after closing program - preventing a reload. Reverting to build 90 solves all issues.
  6. I have now had this problem on two different occasions several months apart - on two different Win7x64 computers. When the problem manifests the symptoms are: The Notification Area icon disappears and manually running the mbae.exe results in no GUI window Protected programs no longer trigger a confirmation popup and mbae-test.exe shows protection non-functional Restarting Windows makes no difference (this usually fixes one of cases of MBAE not working) The odd thing is there are no error messages and nothing is recorded in the Windows Event Logs. The MBAE service is started (and responds stop/start commands) and the Task Manager shows the three normal MBAE exe files are running A simple uninstall and reinstall does NOT fix the problem On both occasions the fix was: To run uninstall and then manually delete the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder - which the uninstall had left behind - and then run the installer to reinstall the program. A reboot was not required. I am wondering if a corruption of one or more of the files in the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder is behind this problem - as this folder and its content survives a normal uninstall - and deleting this folder has allowed a successful reinstall on two different computers that suffered this problem. I had been setting the config option "Log Protection Events" which I think writes to that folder - maybe when that log gets too big it causes a problem?
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