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  1. Thanks for the whitelisting. But it would still be helpful to know what specifically was triggering the warning. I hand code the whole site and would like to understand what to avoid in any future projects.
  2. Stargateuk.info website is blocked as a Malware/Scams risk This is my own simple website - all hand coded - with no fancy features. I am at a loss to understand why it is triggering this warning I get the message "Website blocked due to possible suspicious activity" I have to disable the Malware/Scams protection to gain access The Malwarebytes main program (v2 & v3) have no issue with the site Virus Total shows no problems either: https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/fb6769f68b6840b5c1bdb4186d9a6889e794b6d6b870b001d16cbb9a07e0e609/detection Would be helpful to know what specifically is triggering the warning This is a new economy hosting plan from Godaddy With simple hand coded HTML pages There are no scripts, counters, trackers or other apps running
  3. Agree - there are big problems with Chrome v67 and v68 Opening links in a new tab gives blank page (endless loading), attempting to add extensions freezes during "Checking", attempting to open internal chrome pages freezes with blank page (eg Extensions, Settings) and chrome.exe modules remain resident after closing program - preventing a reload. Reverting to build 90 solves all issues.
  4. I have now had this problem on two different occasions several months apart - on two different Win7x64 computers. When the problem manifests the symptoms are: The Notification Area icon disappears and manually running the mbae.exe results in no GUI window Protected programs no longer trigger a confirmation popup and mbae-test.exe shows protection non-functional Restarting Windows makes no difference (this usually fixes one of cases of MBAE not working) The odd thing is there are no error messages and nothing is recorded in the Windows Event Logs. The MBAE service is started (and responds stop/start commands) and the Task Manager shows the three normal MBAE exe files are running A simple uninstall and reinstall does NOT fix the problem On both occasions the fix was: To run uninstall and then manually delete the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder - which the uninstall had left behind - and then run the installer to reinstall the program. A reboot was not required. I am wondering if a corruption of one or more of the files in the "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit" folder is behind this problem - as this folder and its content survives a normal uninstall - and deleting this folder has allowed a successful reinstall on two different computers that suffered this problem. I had been setting the config option "Log Protection Events" which I think writes to that folder - maybe when that log gets too big it causes a problem?
  5. Not sure if this issue has been resolved - but I also had similar symptoms and error messages on a Win7x64 system running MBAE build 43. I experienced MBAE loading but not working - the MBAE driver Failing to load with the error message quoted above - and the Notification Area icon failing to appear. I just posted about the issue & fix on another thread here: Issues with Win7 & Google Chrome The fix for me was to install MBAE build 57 - despite no related issues being listed as fixed - and all is now working fine.
  6. I too can confirm that installing build 57 has solved all my issues - MBAE is now working perfectly once again. I was also suffering the same "Unknown Software Exception" error - with Win7x64 using MBAE build 43 - on 2 almost identical Win7 desktop computers. The issue appeared to start after the Feb 2018 Cumulative Rollup (KB4074598) - and/or the update to Google Chrome v65...181 (x64) from v64. Initially MBAE (build 43) appeared to recover after dismissing the error - but for unknown reasons the problem then progressed over the next few days to a situation where MBAE was loading into memory but failing to trigger when a protected app was started. Then the GUI stopped working - none of the shortcuts (desktop or notification area) worked and even running the EXE direct would not open a MBAE program window. Finally even the notification area icon stopped loading. Alongside this I also began to experience Google Chrome crashes - which stopped when I uninstalled MBAE build 43. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling MBAE build 43, and build 40, but neither worked and I also tried a full uninstall and removal of all MBAE registry entries - but never succeeded in getting build 43 to work again. However installing build 57 over the top of the non functioning build 43 has solved all the issues - everything is now working fine. I didn't try build 48 as the change log didn't appear to list any fix for this problem - but maybe that would also have worked. Setup: Win7x64 Home Premium, Intel Core i5 3570 (3.4Ghz Quad Core) - Ivy Bridge Chipset - MBAM v2.21.1043 - Avast Free v18.2
  7. Just collected database update v2018.01.27.07 - which so far looks good I am still using MBAM Premium v2.2.1.1043 which was suffering the same problems as v3 I was seeing blocks on IP range 172.217.23.xxx plus many Facebook, Google and AdBlock-Plus URL's Disabling Web Protection was effective but not ideal - but latest database update appears to be OK
  8. I really do not know what you are seeing - if the following doesn't deal with your query please post more details or a screen shot. The menu runs down the left side of the screen - select the Scan "Tab" This has the same three options as previous versions of the program - Threat Scan, Custom Scan and Hyper Scan Hyper Scan is only available to users of the Premium or Trial modes
  9. I agree - the new "Database Version" numbering system is a pointless downgrade of the available information.
  10. And I had much the same concerns as yourself "WhatMeWorry" - which was why I authored the topic that 1PW suggested - which now has a MalwareBytes Staff reply from Celee So for those of us who "prefer to defer" the upgrade we have some more time before we are forced to jump.
  11. OK so to summarize that very comprehensive reply from Celee: 1. Database updates WILL continue after the June 8th ("End of Life") date for MBAM v1.75 and v2.2.1 - however there is no guarantee as to how long that will continue. 2. And MBv3 only shows the "Database Version" in the "About" tab - where it is titled "Update Package Version"
  12. Re question 2: I was looking for a "Database Version" item - I had assumed the two "Package Version" items referred to program modules not Database updates. Will look at this again on a live system - where I assume the Update Package Version should change multiple times a day if it is in fact the Database version number. Re question 1: The "End of Life" date in the linked Lifecycle page is shown as the 8th June 2017 for BOTH v1.75 and v2.2.1 (and v3.0.4) - so the implication would be that all these versions cease to get updates as of that date (the "End of Maintenance" date shows as December 2016 for all three). I assumed this was a heavy handed way of forcing everyone onto v3.1 - which is fine if that version is stable and de-bugged for all OS platforms and security package combinations. But could be a problem for those of us still using older OS's and/or combining Malwarebytes v3 with less popular security packages. MBAM v2.2.1 works well on older slower systems and plays happily with most other security packages - I am yet to be convinced about installing v3.1 onto these types of systems - so the June 2017 date is a concern.
  13. I have multiple Malwarebytes (Anti-Malware) licences - but I have been holding off on allowing the upgrade from v2 to v3 - basically waiting for the v3 product to become fully debugged and stable before swapping over. I have two questions: 1. The Home Products Lifecycle page https://www.malwarebytes.com/support/lifecycle/ appears to indicate that support for MBAM v2 will cease on the 8-June-2017. Does this mean that all database updates will cease for installed copies of MBAM v2.2.1 - as from that date? 2. I have run a few tests installs of the v3.1 product - and one thing I can't seem to find is any display of the currently installed database version number/date - it just displays "Current". In MBAM v2 the database version info was shown on the tooltip popup from the notification area icon and in the Dashboard display. Where is this info now shown? When there is an issue with a false positive or bugged database update it was always possible in the past to state the database version you were using when reporting the problem - not sure how you would do this for v3.1 - where is this information now?
  14. Latest database 2017.5.5.1 detects Unchecky.exe Utility is an adware install blocker from www.unchecky.com Virustotal report https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/9087d96d56527d3e310420cde70ca23b6e3fbf4683882b8dcf29af174218df71/analysis/1493966153/ unchecky.zip Unchecky_detection.txt
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