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  1. Thanks for the reply Devin. I just turned it on. If I shut it down now and start up it will probably do it but I'm, busy right now. If it happens, and I'm sure it will, you will see it a little later. This i5 computer with16Gb of memory and Windows 7 Pro seems to be the only one to have the problem.
  2. Same thing happened after boot up this afternoon. Reboot made everything good. I know others are experiencing the same problem. Any ideas?
  3. Anyway, happened again last night. Malware protection OFF. I uninstalled Malwarebytes and reinstalled it. So far- so good but it doesn't happen every time. Fingers crossed.
  4. I don't get it. Web Protection was reported as OFF. I tried to turn it on but nothing. Then I ran those two tests that you requested and rebooted and Web Protection was on. Malware protection is normally the one that is reported as off.
  5. I have been experiencing the same thing myself after NOT having any problems previously. A reboot fixes it for me but yes, it is becoming a PITA.
  6. I have not been experiencing any problems with Malwarebytes but I am happy that the gang at Malwarebytes is diligently working on it. Thanks
  7. It was not a fresh install BUT over the top of the previous version. Addition.txt
  8. Try to turn on Malware Protection but cannot. Must reboot. Getting to be a pain because it happens all too often. Just thought I would pass it on to the Malwarebytes experts.
  9. What has never been mentioned is that members are VERY special people and extremely good looking.
  10. Will do. I have not been having any problems in quite a while but glad to see you folks have been working on it.
  11. Looking good here. I am not aware of problems caused by earlier versions but I will still walk it around to my other 4 computers and install it. Can't hurt. Many thanks.
  12. Ron, the problem is not speed- it's is the messed up video. My speed is 70Mbps. I have uninstalled the firewall and it made no difference. Let's just drop it and I live with it. It really is a minor problem. Some day i will figure it out. I appreciate your patience.
  13. Ron, that doesn't help me at all. Telling me that you are not having a problem is of no help. I have 4 computers all having the same problem. I think it is just something I will have to live with. I can either change my browser, turn off Malwarebytes when I am viewing some sites or just live with it. I'm on Chrome right now but I will read the link and get back to you. Thanks
  14. Can't do a screen capture but here is a poor photo that I just took showing what happens. Not really a big deal, I can turn off Malwarebytes if I have to.
  15. No, I am not experiencing that problem. It seems a video problem which is impossible to duplicate on another browser or OS
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