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  1. I have had 4 computers that are eligible for the new Malwarebytes. 2 of the computers "sorta" accepted the beta and the .5 version while two of them locked up as soon as the program installed - my browser crashed, the mouse pointer locked onto the task bar and I was helpless. Well, today I tried an install of .6 after cleaning up all traces of the old Malwarebytes antimalware and guess what-?--- It works. For those of you waiting for things to improve- what the heck- give it a try. Oh yes, this is my i5computer running Windows 7 Professional.
  2. Don't know about both starting a scan at the same time but I use NOD32 V10 on all of my computers and am not having a problem.
  3. Thanks Devin. I will do it after lunch. I guess I never had a problem after all. Why don't we close this. Thanks again.
  4. O.K. I see that. Have never been there before. Shouldn't that be set up as default? Just curious and thanks.
  5. BUT- Rootkit scans are really enabled, Devin. They are just shown as Off.
  6. Don't know if this will help. Rootkits now ON. Shows disabled here. report.txt
  7. For the record, I did a total cleanup on both computers with no luck. I will wait a while before attempting a new install. Two of my computers have had little to no problems with 3.05 to 3.06.
  8. Seems fine here also...BUT I am still afraid to install it on my computers on which any attempts to install V3.0 have failed. I will wait.
  9. 'splain data base update please. In other words, how do I do it? Google was not much help.
  10. Addition_24-01-2017 11.06.32.txt FRST_24-01-2017 11.06.32.txt
  11. Thanks Just had another scan completed with no malware.
  12. Here you go Hope this is what you want. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  13. O.K. The computer in question is at a different location. I will do it tomorrow. Thanks
  14. Had two more scans with no malware.
  15. This is a scheduled scan which just ended.
  16. Sorry. I must learn to read. It always showed the malware after every scan. I'll try it again right now.
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