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  1. Much better after latest fix. Thank you
  2. I have noticed webpages much slower to open with this version.
  3. Many thanks that worked.
  4. Logs as requested mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. This is the message
  6. It just says an error occured with the download check your internet connection and try again. Tried again this morning same again. Never had this problem before. I dont install browser guard.
  7. Tried to update several times. Keep getting error message
  8. I have found by manually removing the contents of scanresults which contained lots of old reports. then solves the problem new scans can be removed. Program data - Malwarebytes - Mbamservice - scanresults
  9. That solution dose not work on my machines. So I guess it is best to wait for a response from staff
  10. I still have the same problem, unable to delete scan logs. Logs attached. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. I have the same. Unable to delete scans.
  12. Just to confirm no problems with the installation, all worked well, and running smoothly Mike
  13. My submission Robin and hungry youngster ✔
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