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  1. Installed over 3 customer release. Rebooted, updated and scanned. No problems so far.
  2. 100% agree. With such a troublesome series of release it should have had top priority IMHO
  3. Installed over 3.06 preview without problem.
  4. Update. After 3 days of use no problems, working flawlessly.
  5. Installed over version 2 No problems with installation. Seems to be working with Eset nod 32 so far. Although the start up and shut down times have improved, there is still a delay. Overall greatly improved. Not registering in windows Action Centre greatly improved start up time
  6. Happy Christmas
  7. Exactly the same as in this post
  8. Very little change over version 3.04. Will only shut down with anti ransomeware disabled. but still very slow start up and of course nagging pop up to turn on protection. Going back to version 2 again
  9. Yes I can also confirm it left a folder with many items and mbam service and yes I did have self protection ticked
  10. That does not remove the complete program
  11. We have already provided many logs prior to the public release. So, that's just an excuse
  12. ....and not a single reply from Mbam Staff!!!!
  13. As well as all the problems with shutting down during the beta testing it has now started to freeze IE11 strangely enough on this forum. I have had to give up and go back to version 2 that works properly.
  14. Thats good news and I am very happy to help