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  1. thisisu: Thanks for the explanation, ... I think. So you're saying that MWB will continue to mark this sort of Registry usage, regardless of where the software using it comes from. Is that right? So your discovery logic code doesn't allow for any kind of exceptions in this kind of registry use, right? Just want to be sure I understand it correctly. I told MWB to leave it alone permanently in the disposal popup. We'll see if it does that or not.
  2. I just had this EXACT same thing happen to me as well, as a result of today's MWB Premium scan. thisisu: So, ... are you guys going to fix this or what? You did not respond to that part of asianmusicguy's post. I always intended to ignore it, but I have to agree with asianmusicguy, it should not happen in the first place! Process Explorer is a Microsoft Product, and its Task Manager version is miles better than the one that comes with Windows. Beyond that however, is the fact that the Process Explorer version does not install itself alongside the original version - it REPLACES it! A less knowledgeable user might take MWB at its word and click the 'big red X in the circle' and completely disable ANY Task Manager capability in the system. That would be a HUGE problem when the time comes that it is really needed. I think malware-flagging any product published by the very same developer as the operating system that MWB itself operates within, should be a really BIG no-no, don't you? 'nuff said.
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