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  1. thisisu: Thanks for the explanation, ... I think. So you're saying that MWB will continue to mark this sort of Registry usage, regardless of where the software using it comes from. Is that right? So your discovery logic code doesn't allow for any kind of exceptions in this kind of registry use, right? Just want to be sure I understand it correctly. I told MWB to leave it alone permanently in the disposal popup. We'll see if it does that or not.
  2. I just had this EXACT same thing happen to me as well, as a result of today's MWB Premium scan. thisisu: So, ... are you guys going to fix this or what? You did not respond to that part of asianmusicguy's post. I always intended to ignore it, but I have to agree with asianmusicguy, it should not happen in the first place! Process Explorer is a Microsoft Product, and its Task Manager version is miles better than the one that comes with Windows. Beyond that however, is the fact that the Process Explorer version does not install itself alongside the original version - it REPLACES it! A less knowledgeable user might take MWB at its word and click the 'big red X in the circle' and completely disable ANY Task Manager capability in the system. That would be a HUGE problem when the time comes that it is really needed. I think malware-flagging any product published by the very same developer as the operating system that MWB itself operates within, should be a really BIG no-no, don't you? 'nuff said.
  3. Thanks everyone! I got the newest version and will be installing it later today. I will report back here if there are any more issues. GDog
  4. Thanks! That's the kind of detail I was looking for. I will give it a try. Tell me something however: I have 3.3.1 installed, but when I right-click on the TaskBar Icon and select 'Check for Updates', MB does not advise me of any Updates. It doesn't do ANYTHING - just tells me "Awesome! You're protected.'" What's up with that? Thanks again,
  5. exile360: Thanks so much for such a prompt reply! I *could* do the "latest release" thing, and normally I would have already done it by now. But the reason I haven't so far is a deliberate hold-back due to the high number of performance complaint posts I have read on this forum. It would seem from reading those that people who upgraded to 3.4 are experiencing the problem even worse than I am. So given their experiences, do you *really* think this might fix my very similar problem??? Please tell me why i should just toss aside those 'warnings' and forge ahead to 3.4? Is there a 3.4 Build that supersedes the versions in those posts that fixes this problem? Has MB announced that the problem has been fixed? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks again, -Gary
  6. Hello everyone. First Post here for me. Not going to hound or whine for a fix, just looking for a way to deal with this drag on my PC's performance issue. So some details that others might provide are missing here. I've read a lot of posts on this issue, and it seems to be at least a year since a MB Representative said on this Forum that a fix was "in the works". Obviously MB is not interested in fixing this issue or they CAN'T fix it. Either way, if I can't find a workaround to at least deal with it, it will be time for me to find another scanner. I used to leave my PC turned on 24/7 & just locked the screen when finished for the day. Things like system wide malware scans were never a problem as I just scheduled them when I knew I would be away, usually late at night. I no longer leave the PC on. Problem now is that as soon as I turn it on for the day, Malware Bytes (among others) jump immediately into action and gobble up huge portions of my PC’s resources, causing very noticeable and bothersome lags in performance for the things I want to use the PC for. This in spite of a 4.0 GHz, 6-Core CPU, 16GB of RAM and a SSD System drive. A task as simple as just loading a program can take as long as 2-3 minutes where it normally takes only 7-10 SECONDS! My question is this: Is there a FIX for this? If not, is there a way to setup MB to either limit its use of resources (preferred) OR, if that is not possible, set MB to turn off the PC after I *MANUALLY* initiate a scan? Appreciate whatever help anyone can provide, -Gary MB Premium Version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.4306 Now it
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