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Found 10 results

  1. so im in a slight problem :] had a harddrive which had windows 10 on it and couple months back installed windows 10 on a new ssd too (so now i only use windows on the ssd) recently got slapped with a virus and so i installed and ran malware bytes which quarantined a bunch of "virus" files which some (i believe) were in the system32 file and so after prompting me to restart the computer - i got the ":( ur pc doesnt work" even after simply troubleshooting and then trying to boot into safe mode just returns with the sad face error and "system_service_exception" i am on the computer right now because i managed to get in by booting up the old harddrive windows 10 any ideas on how to fix the ssd windows so i can be back to normal? this hard drive is extremely slow sorry for the long paragraph but i really dont know what to do...
  2. Greetings, Please read and understand as to why I cannot follow FAQs. I am going to need a format first. Windows are inaccessible from system drive. My former employer send me an mail containing .htm archives which were in bytes. Curiosity and Trust towards that person got the best of me and opened one of them in my browser. Things appeared in Russian. Malware bytes warned me of the instance then tried to fix it according to instructions. Then things were occurring such as FTP and Telnet being open in my network connection. Tried to fix it with Avast numerous times as Malware bytes was not reporting such a problem. When the attack was prompted it changed my system files to unusual settings reported by Avast,probably switching on Remote Desktop Connections and reconfiguring files in such a manner as to extract data. I am aware of that as C:// starting shrinking more than 20GB the third time I had rebooted the system. I am also sure that it expanded to my other HDD. Data/Documents containing my personal information (CV) were not extracted but I noticed files missing because they were being deleted and were inaccessible from my end. Also I was not and still not able to Update Windows, use Settings and Control Panel. When windows open,memory was is not functioning properly and will only work when reconnecting the Ethernet cable which then makes things worse. Can only see mouse cursor over a black screen. Windows Host System wouldn't work without internet connection and was creating Virtual Ethernet Connections in my system. Each time I disabled them and restarted the system after malware bytes was downloaded and finishing its disinfection I rebooted the system only to find out that there were more created. Moreover settings were not saved. This moment only C:// is connected to the computer. The system is powered off. I am certain it is infected as files were first start missing from there. I am also aware of the fact that if I try and connect my other hard drive it could be infected as well. Cannot save windows settings and behavior looks like a Deep Freeze is installed on my system. Require Assistance for: 1. Secure Format via USB (it is secure) and possible disinfection of UEFI BIOS( I am not sure/know if it is or it can be infected). After I disconnected the HDD,my SSD and another drive were appearing in boot order settings. The other being on first boot priority, with no ability to run SSD:XXXXXXXXX. I only had SSD:xxxxxxxxx and Apple HDD: xxxxxxxxxxx, then I noticed a P3: XXXXXXXXX (which was not in my official system configuration.), When I run P3 it prompts me to windows recovery system. Tried to sfc /scannow . (Operation could not be completed at 100% check). Also not sure if that P3 is my windows recovery system. Can not see its size. QUESTION 1: Could it be that I can remove it via UEFI settings? 2. Remote assistance for the disinfection of my HDD (as of now it is disconnected but there is a high possibility being infected) as the browser was installed there. I will post logs according to forum FAQs after I format my system and be guided on safe way to reconnect my HDD to PC. 3. Resolve any future related problems regarding FTP and TELNET settings. Thank you in Advance.
  3. Threat scan only seems to scan through the SSD that I have win7 and Malwarebytes 3.0 is installed in. For example, when I perform a threat scan, it goes through 355,000 items. I disconnect my second SSD drive and power cable (the one that doesnt have win7 and Malwarebytes 3.0 installed) and perform another threat scan and only 355,000 items are scanned. Anyway to configure it so threat scans include both of my SSDs? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. First Post here for me. Not going to hound or whine for a fix, just looking for a way to deal with this drag on my PC's performance issue. So some details that others might provide are missing here. I've read a lot of posts on this issue, and it seems to be at least a year since a MB Representative said on this Forum that a fix was "in the works". Obviously MB is not interested in fixing this issue or they CAN'T fix it. Either way, if I can't find a workaround to at least deal with it, it will be time for me to find another scanner. I used to leave my PC turned on 24/7 & just locked the screen when finished for the day. Things like system wide malware scans were never a problem as I just scheduled them when I knew I would be away, usually late at night. I no longer leave the PC on. Problem now is that as soon as I turn it on for the day, Malware Bytes (among others) jump immediately into action and gobble up huge portions of my PC’s resources, causing very noticeable and bothersome lags in performance for the things I want to use the PC for. This in spite of a 4.0 GHz, 6-Core CPU, 16GB of RAM and a SSD System drive. A task as simple as just loading a program can take as long as 2-3 minutes where it normally takes only 7-10 SECONDS! My question is this: Is there a FIX for this? If not, is there a way to setup MB to either limit its use of resources (preferred) OR, if that is not possible, set MB to turn off the PC after I *MANUALLY* initiate a scan? Appreciate whatever help anyone can provide, -Gary MB Premium Version: Component package version: 1.0.262 Update package version: 1.0.4306 Now it
  5. So about a week ago i somehow got a virus. First i just went around directories like the program files and appdata. I found a few viruses and adware and deleted them manually. I then decided to run Malwarebytes and it found a ton of viruses including a browser hijacker (yeabest.cc). I quarantined and removed all th files, but then a day later i launched Google Chrome and it was redirected to Yeabest.cc again. I tried resetting and redownloading Chrome, but nothing worked. I ran Malwarebytes and it found a new bunch of viruses which i deleted. I later found out that the Yeabest.cc browser hijacker had changed the destination path for Google Chrome to run another program which started the yeabest.cc page. I removed the extension but it came back to the file after about 20 minutes. After that i have run Malwarebytes upwards of 15 times in a few days. Yesterday when the program asked me to restart the computer i did so, but when windows loaded again, it got stuck on the loading screen of Windows. I've restarted the PC many times, changed boot options and resetted BIOS setting. Nothing seems to help, and i can't even get into the normal BIOS recovery page as my motherboard has some fancy UEFI BIOS that makes it so that when pressing F8 or F5 during startup, it just goes in to the UEFI BIOS... I'm contemplating just buying a new SSD and reinstalling Windows, but it would be a very sad situation to have to throw out a lot of my work. I'd love to send some log files, but as i cannnot access the PC, that won't be possible. The system is a rather high-end desktop PC with multiple drives. Thank you very much in advance for the assistance
  6. I am suffering from extremely slow start-up times with I had no issues with version 2.x. All my programs start normally until it comes to malwarebytes loading and my computer comes to a halt. Version 3.0.6 was a clean install. I had issues with protection modules not turning on when I upgraded from version 2.x. One thing to note is that MBAM clean does not work on version 3.0.6 (Link to MBAM clean). Please advise. Malwarebytes_Slow_Startup.7z
  7. I'm getting ready to upgrade my PC to a SSD and wonder how to manage my very old lifetime subscription. Nothing wrong with my PC at this time just upgrading is all. I'm doing a fresh OEM install from a Dell restore partitian that I coppied to my USB drive. I used the OEM Dell backup and restore program to copy that restore partician to the USB drive. It contains only the OEM operating system and drivers. None of my software or files will be saved to the new drive. My question is how do I keep my lifetime subscription licence? My question is... do I use the key shown in my current software to reactivate? Or Is there an easyer way to do this? My SSD won't be here for a week so no rush.
  8. I have a Gateway P-6301 Laptop computer that had a failing hard drive in 2013, which I successfully replaced with a Crucial SSD, then recovered the factory Windows Vista from the recovery partition, then applied all the updates to bring it up to SP-2, and reinstalled my programs, including some that will only run on 32 bit machines (like AmiPro). It has been running flawlessly since then, as I keep it healthy with Malwarebytes Pro and System Mechanic. So it had no malware on it, and was running fine through August 20. But when I tried to start it on August 21, it got only to the black screen with the cursor in the middle, and stayed that way forever. instead of bringing up the Windows icon and password dialog. Pressing the start button would shut it down after about 50 seconds. Starting it with PF8 would bring up the repair choices, but Windows would not come up in Safe mode either, nor would command prompt, or directory services. The Repair Computer option, would allow me to access the Gateway System Recovery Options screen showing the following choices: startup repair, system restore, Windows complete PC restore,Windows Memory diagnostic tool, command prompt, and recovery manager. Startup repair ran through several tests all of which came back with code 0x0, then "boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully". and "Startup Repair could not detect a problem." System Restore didn't do anything. The Memory diagnostic tool ran successfully. When I try to startup with PF12, it shows whats happening quickly, and the Error PXE-E76 flashes by "Bad or missing multicast discovery address" Then PXE-M0F "Exiting PXE-ROM" I tried changing the start device order in the BIOS to no avail. It seems like the link to the part of the strartup routine that puts up the Windows icon and the signon dialog is lost. If all else fails, it appears that I'll have to bite the bullet and do a recovery from the recovery partition, saving data but putting Vista back to 2008 status, then have to update to SP2 again. I'm hoping there's something easier than that long process.. I would appreciate any assistance with this problem. Thanks ralphyde
  9. I have followed with interest the topic "MBAE won't run" by JS Hill as I have the same issue though obviously not the same as the previous thread has been fixed and closed. I have 32bit Windows XP Professional (I need it for programs that are unsupported on other OS). But the set-up differs in that I use "Avast" anti-virus and "Privatefirewall 7.0" I have run Chkdsk etc. etc. and everything appears clean of disk errors and malware but when starting: mbae-svc.exe -install I get the message: ......... CmdInstallService(600): Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Service failed to start. Trying to start the service via services.msc momentarily starts the service (it is seen in the task list) but then stops almost immediately. I have two Windows 7 64bit PCs and an old Vista 32bit PC with the same Avast & Privatefirewall 7.0 set-up and MBAE runs with no problems. The only other unusual feature (of all these PCs) is that the OS & Programs are on SSDs with most everything else running on spinners using NTFS junctions. The same set-up is used across all OS; XP, W7, WVista. Any ideas about the XP failure would be gratefully received. Thanks
  10. I just got a new computer with a solid state boot drive. Malwarebytes has a very small footprint so I installed it to the SSD, but then I began to think about the updates and how little I know about how the program works. Would it work just as well installed on my 2 TB storage drive? If it should stay on the SSD, where are the data files stored and could their location be changed to a Data Folder on my HDD? I found info that my anti-virus mostly reads, not writes data, so performance wise the SSD is a good place for it. Would you agree with that? I can't find any info about where to install a firewall. Does it make much difference on which drive to install it? Thanks for your input.
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