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  1. ill keep a eye it
  2. Odd seems to have "fixed" itself would you still like the check
  3. It's a manual threat scan
  4. Hi no I don't see the bubble has the setting moved?
  5. Hi guys it seems like the check for updates before scan feature has been omitted from 3.1.2?
  6. Hi guys so today after a failed acronis image restore my system now fails to boot with a error code of 0xc0000225 znd i do not have acess to a win7 cd anyway to fix
  7. have you used this tool before now? I font wmt to use it unless i know where i need to fix with it what fixs should i check i tried a msi fix had no effect
  8. I noticed Vivaldi was bit ub the list of programs for exploit protection I think this should be added by default but right now i would like to know how to add it manualy through settings as in files ect ?
  9. Thanks on a positive note the just released 3.0.6 is running great on my system let me know if you find anything
  10. then it might mean there is sonthing else wrong its been like this awhile amd only seems to happenwhen unistalling things i was just hopeing it was somthing we could fix well troubleshotting if not its something i can live with
  11. here is the result as requested
  12. here we go SystemLook.txt
  13. here is the error i get what i want to know was combofix beneficial or should i restore ? and when can i uninstall combofix
  14. ok will do combofix did not remove anything important or t uncover anything else did it because i do know combofix is mostly used on highly infected systems?
  15. heres the log Ron I Really hope it helped and did not cause more harm then good ComboFixlog.txt