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  1. I have to give you a lot of credit for lasting as long as you have. The first few months of trying to work around this product's shortcomings on a few machines convinced me to get out quickly. I've since moved on to another leading security product that handles all of the chores that Malwarebytes' used to intelligently enough that my clients are not adversely affected by the product's operation. Good luck in your research and testing!
  2. I realize the product was only announced last month and that all of the material is still not available on the partner site. But if you are considering testing it, would you be willing to share what your test plan is for this brand new offering? I am very curious to see what other partners are considering in terms of test strategy, use cases, and implementation rollout. Thanks! Larry
  3. I have the Email Notifications set for my account. I have never received an email notification for threats found... For the record: I am already a Malwarebytes partner, and I have been in touch with Sales - but they have been next to useless in terms of working with MSPs. Pretty much every vendor that works with Managed Services Providers has a cloud-based product that can be purchased on either a monthly or annual basis. Your company still has not figured out how to handle the former... My accountant is pretty strict in counseling me that I'm not supposed to "upfront" thousands of dollars for a product when I'm not going to realize the funding from my clients for a full year. He likes to say that deficit spending is something the government engages in, not MSPs...
  4. No comment on Webroot. It comes with the Continuum subscription, but we all know about how useful it is.... Regretably, Malwarebytes does not have a monthly MSP pricing plan - it is strictly an annual license, paid up-front. I was in touch with Cris Martinez (the only Malwarebytes employee with NO signature file in his emails), who oversees the MSP program, back in early November 2017 when Continuum first announced their upcoming change. I got dragged along with "we're working with distribution" for a couple of months before I received this email on the last day of January 2018: That same week I received an email from Steve De Marco, Senior Vice President, Global Sales, and asked him to comment on this. No response at all. And just last week, I received an email from Russ Swanson, Enterprise Business Representative, and asked him to offer any additional information about an MSP pricing plan. Also no response. So, using Malwarebytes to remove malware is simply not going to happen for my business until something on their side changes. In terms of overall security, there are only two vendors in the market that make sense to me: Sophos, with its Endpoint and InterceptX offerings, and Carvir, with SentinelOne. And while InterceptX has most of the functionality of Malwarebytes, the product is still not linked to the Sophos Cloud dashboard. I need to see and - more importantly - report to my clients the status of the health of their machines. On the other hand, Carvir provides a fully-manned SOC and reporting for the SentinelOne software. Sure, its more expensive than most products, but using it I gain the resources of a staff that's larger than my own, as well as the protection. I'm still looking for something that's going to do what Malwarebytes does: and that is clean up all of the debris associated with the garbage that gets inadvertently pulled into a browser. I want more than a product that simply eliminates an exe file. But I guess I'm going to have to wait...
  5. Continuum dropped Malwarebytes at the start of the year and removed the Business Edition at the end of January. They are relying solely on Webroot...
  6. Back in October 2017 in another post, Dyllon said this: And now you're talking about features arriving over the course of the year - that's just dangling bait! I'm still waiting for you to provide email alerts from infected clients. I'm also patiently waiting for you to provide end-client reporting. Please note that I'm not holding my breath for MSP-based monthly pricing, but absolutely require that before rolling this out to my client base. I know you have monthly posts about the updates that are about to hit, but having a longer term view would help. Along those lines, I'd like someone at Malwarebytes to hold a quarterly webinar that describes the product roadmap and to elicit additional feedback on features and directions.
  7. I am an MSP and use Continuum for my RMM. They dropped support for the Business Edition at the end of January 2018. I have spun up an Azure VM (using the "free" $200 Microsoft account) to see if I can manage my clients using a product both I and my clients are familar with. So I signed up for the trial version of the Business Edition, uploaded it to the Windows Server 2016 DataCenter and installed the Management Console, developed a policy, and created the installation exe. I installed that on a client machine and it is functioning - at least as far as I can tell (the icon appears in the System Tray). However, the client does not appear in the Management Console under the group I created. What's the trick to getting this product to work with Azure? Thanks!
  8. Refer to my earlier post, immediately following the last "event" ---
  9. Mike, I'm sure your list is longer. Continuum pulled MBAM Business Edition out of its RMM tool last month and I was really and truly hoping that this offering would work in the same fashion. All I asked for was one location with which to attend to any malware issues on all of my clients' computers... It seems that this product - as it stands now - is not the solution. So I'm simply going to have to purchase licenses for the desktops, go the completely unmonitored route and check back with y'all in another year...
  10. I have to say this, because, after a few months, I'm more than upset. A web forum is NOT, repeat NOT, product support! Not for a small business owner, not for a Managed Services Provider, not for an enterprise support technician. A web forum is ancillary to support. Yes, I look here every day. Why? Because it is where I get to learn about problems with this product. Should I have to? No, because there shouldn't be problems that crop up every single day! Sending an email into a black hole doesn't help my confidence that issues are being addressed. Seeing posts that don't get responses doesn't help my confidence that issues are being addressed. A product that does not have an 800 number with available technicians to answer phone calls does not help my confidence that the product is enterprise quality software. There is a hard and fast end date approaching for the Malwarebytes business product - and hundreds, if not thousands, of providers are looking for a solid replacement. This cloud version has not come close to being that solution. Sadly, neither has this "support" forum...
  11. Before anyone from MBAM comes in, here's my two cents, and three steps. 1. Go through all Program Files, Program Files (x86), and ProgramData folders and delete all Malwarebytes folders. Then go throught that xxxx user's (above) AppData folders and do the same. 2. Install CCleaner - disable the monitoring in Settings - and run the Registry utility to check for any registry fragments, then delete them. 3. Reboot the server and see if the installation works.
  12. First check Task Scheduler to see if there is any trace of the product - it may be that simple! Otherwise, you can try to use this: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17588/fix-problems-that-block-programs-from-being-installed-or-removed If any part of Malwarebytes is still installed, it >should< appear in the list to uninstall. If not, you're going to have to hunt down the product's GUID and use that.
  13. That sounds as if they got some marketing copy mixed up with Webroot's SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection!
  14. I guess it is time for a "Request for Enhancement" because this is a key indicator of what's installed where. And to effectivelly manage a multiple sites with thousands of endpoints and NOT have this information does a disservice to the IT services provider!
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