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  1. Hi, We don't use a proxy and no EP installed on the DNS servers (All Domain Controllers). The new machines being blocked are not typical web sites. What's happening now is a couple different thick client applications are installed on the machines that need to authenticate or communicate to a different server. Once we uninstall EP on those machines, authentication and other communications work properly. Again, no error messages or events from the EP web console, but we do see Windows Event Logs around the time the authentication problems occur. I'm waiting for confirmation that just disabling Web protection eliminates the problem vs. uninstalling EP completely. Will report back once I hear back.
  2. Just an update on my situation. I had not called yet, been extremely busy, but the issue is still happening. I will likely reach out via phone when I have some time, but we are now noticing in the larger company of 500 licenses where only 1 or 2 were not working with the web protection enabled, now more and more are popping up whereas they worked fine as of this thread creation. Up to around 30 or so devices. I've since just disable web protection on all 500 devices through the default policy until I can call. No logs or events are generated from the EP web portal, but we do see Windows Event Log errors from Malwarebytes at the time the issues occur. The context of them isn't helpful to me per se, rather more technical that Malwarebytes support could decipher. The smaller company is still having the problem as well, just leaving web protection disabled on those 10 devices as well.
  3. Hello, I'm having issues with web pages not being displayed with the Web Protection module is enabled. This is happening with two different business I support. One company is larger (500 seats), and the other is smaller (10 seats). The larger company only has 1 that is still having the problem so we created a new policy where web protection is disabled. The smaller company this is happening on at least 8 of the 10 PC's that I can tell. I've disabled Web protection in the default policy for now. What gives? Web Protection was pretty much the main reason we use Malwarebytes. Now I'm starting to look like I don't know what I'm doing because I recommended going with the Cloud version, after switching off of the on-prem Endpoint Security version. I'd like to focus the discussion on the The smaller company was hit with the January 27th issue of PC lockups, no web traffic, reboots, etc. At that time, they were on the Malwarebytes Premium version, which was installed before I started. We have since switched them to EP/Cloud version so we are now compliant with the Terms of Agreement. The 'Page cannot be displayed' issue doesn't log anything on the web management console so I'm at a loss to what's actually happening with the traffic? Some pages will come up, but when you click on a site link, it goes to 'page cannot be displayed.' Other pages won't come up at all. Uninstalling Endpoint Protection seems to clear the issue. On a side note, when I make a change to the policy, how long does it take for the client PC's to see that change? I'm wondering if I'm being too impatient with the changes I have been making? Thanks, and apologies for the chaotic post. It's getting stressful over here...
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