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  1. Hello Clint and Dan, We do have some reports of this issue however, collecting the logs for this is important to see if it is a new issue or if it is the same as another issue already reported. With out that to confirm, I would be throwing builds at you that may or may not fix the issue especially if it is a unique case. @danjordan Are you a consumer or a business user. I want to make sure what build you would be using as that may affect the issue you are experiencing.
  2. Hey REGITDept, Do you mind getting me the frst logs from this post: Going to get this over to our team so they can look into it and get it fixed.
  3. Hello REGITDept, Do you mind collecting the logs from this location: We are getting a few reports of this and want to look into the data. Make sure you grab both the FRST logs and the Mbae logs as well.
  4. Hey drdas, I am going to send you a PM with some instructions to collect some further logging. Go ahead and send the logs back in that PM just so I can reveiw them.
  5. Hey Lwphipps, Where did you e-mail the logs? I want to make sure an agent can grab them and review them for you!
  6. Hello Greensysadmin, Thank you for that. Let me get this over to our team to review further.
  7. Hey drdas, All vbscript.dll does is allows programs to call it to run vbscripts. So if this is only happening in IE when you launch it, something may be trying to run a VB script in IE. If you are not sure the contents of this, I would reset IE back to defaults just to be safe. Check IE for any suspicious looking add-ins and remove them as well. Also make sure the home page is set to the default loading and not any strange redirect sites.
  8. New build 1384: - Fix for a conflict with Norton's Anti-Exploit
  9. New build 1381: Fixes include: Fixed issues with WMI Protection technique Updated the installer changelog
  10. Hello Greensysadmin, I do apologize for the delay. We want to have you test out a beta build on one machine to see if it fixes the issue. Go ahead and download the build here and run it over the top: Please try this and let me know if it fixes the issue!
  11. Hello Mihnehtoox, Pinging is fine if you can make those sites. As long as you don't have any network firewall that would block that as well on port 443, the one other thing you would want to check is see if anything (network firewall again) would block the downloading of .exe packages. It will download the .exe and run it on the machine.
  12. Hey Clint, I am going to send you a PM with some instructions I want you to run. Go ahead and send the logs back in that pm!
  13. Hey Mihnehtoox, Can you confirm that these urls are allowed on the clients that are having this update issue: both on port 443 Any network firewall, proxy, or next gen firewall. If you confirmed that it is not being blocked, can you restart the service once on the machine and collect the C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes anti-exploit directory again.
  14. Hello Mihnehtoox, I am noticing something in the log that I want to have you confirm, on the endpoint itself, can you go into the anti-exploit client and see if the checkbox for automatic updates is enabled? I am not seeing it even attempt to go out which makes me think it may not even be receiving that setting.
  15. new build 1374: Fixes included: 1. Fix to a new conflict introduced by McAfee HIPS