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  1. Just came across this post looking for a solution to how to clear the history - I'm assuming that there's still no news on this a year on as I can't find a way to do it?
  2. Hi, Having recently signed up for the cloud endpoint solution for our company, I'm finding it a bit frustrating not to be able to do some fairly obvious simple things - maybe I'm missing something, but if not, could these features be considered? Some examples On the Detections page... I can't filter by Endpoint, or sort by any columns. More importantly I can't delete detection records, so this list will just grow to an unmanagable size - I want to be able to remove entries once I have dealt with them (e.g. if I need to talk to a user about what's been found I want to then remove it once that's done). On the Endpoints page... There is no way to assign additional information to the detected Endpoints - so I have to keep a separate look-up of endpoint name to the person/department that's using it which is just a real PITA. It would be so much more usable if there were a "User" free-format field available which could then be filtered on elsewhere. On the Events page... It is swamped by Info entries but what I really want is Warnings and Severe, but I can only have one or the other as a filter. On the Dashboard... The Endpoints box is misleading - it's fine to have info based on the past 72 hours available somewhere, but I don't want to see that there is an infection registered when I know it was cleared 2 days ago - a dashboard should have up-to-date information. Also I don't really see that a successfully blocked outbound connection to a dodgy website should count as an infection when it's just the user trying to access a website that they don't know is dodgy (for example I have an infection registered for trying to visit quickremovevirus.com, which is obviously far less severe than finding genuine malware installed on the machine). Anyway, hope this is useful feedback and if I've misunderstood any of this and missed how to do this then please laet me know. Thanks, Spanners.
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