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  1. I had no idea you were struggling like that! I'm sorry man, I should have given you the common commands for the tool. We're not using /x here since when using this, you are not invoking the msi installer cache of the app itself. The add-remove entry will be removed after restarting, there's a few pieces like that actually, this is why that restart needs to take place even when the tool suppresses the reboot. It is suppressed so that the admin can choose when the restart happens instead of right away during the tools use. Very glad to hear that you figured it out!
  2. I tried looking for your ticket, but I do not see anything under the email tied to your profile here. Is it under some other email?
  3. SCCM Deploy Client Package

    Install with verbose logging enabled: msiexec /i C:\[path to]\ClientSetup.msi /qn /lv %userprofile%\desktop\MBEPInstallLog.txt MBMC Managed and standalone cleaner: Double click to run, or open CMD as admin, run cleaner tool with this command: msiexec /i C:\[path to]\mb-clean-managed.msi /qn /norestart
  4. Typically it is 443 that may already be in use, try 9443 for the administration port. Also, make sure that the default IIS 8 Express that is included in 2016 has been removed, our program requires 7.5 and the install will fail if there is another one present.
  5. MB3 conflicts?

    You can setup a scheduled scan from the cloud console to scan custom locations, give it the drive letter and it will scan it. But it is a song and dance to get the time right so you don't have to wait to long for it to kick off, but far enough ahead that the machine receives the job in time. I know this is not as easy but it's what we have for the moment. Right click scan is coming though!
  6. MB3 conflicts?

    EP is MB3, but modified, it is the business version of it. These two program cannot be on the machine together, they will conflict. It must be one or the other.
  7. Endpoint Scan window

    @MarkFleming only that RDS was tested, the ok was given for MB3 based tech of the MBEP product, I do not know the reason why RDS is ok but Citrix is not. RDS is still not supported for the MBMC version of the product.We are tracking this in order to feed info back to the development team about how people have it configured @EdwardQ we will need to open a real ticket for that, please email I have never heard of or seen that issue before. This will be something that will go to the development team. While Citrix is not supported right now, it can still give the dev team valuable info for when we try to bring support to Citrix.
  8. Try the push with the WMI option enabled, let me know what happens.
  9. SCCM Deploy Client Package

    The EXE version of that Policy -> Installation Package does not support any switches, only the MSI one does. msiexec /i C:\example\local\path\to\clientsetup.msi /qn The MSI must be copied to a local directory to work, installing from a drive share is not supported.
  10. SCCM Deploy Client Package

    Both? The console only creates one. Are you using the Policy -> Installation Package tool in the console or using the msi installers in the download package under Unmanaged \ windows \ mbam-setup- and mbae-setup-
  11. Malwarebytes Issue Notification - Login issues Some users may be unable to login. Active users are able to continue using the console. Issue is under investigation.
  12. A whole program revision is not an iterative patch, and if IIS 7.5 Express worries you, just wait until you get to the part about reopening Netbios and the .Net 3.5 requirements. If you want off this older tech and the 7.5 Express requirement, we have a SaaS product -
  13. SCCM Deploy Client Package

    Which product version? Cloud msi installers or management console installer package msi?
  14. Endpoint Scan window

    The sales team have resources for this when you are running a trial setup and encounter problems before closing, they are called the sales engineering team, SE's, they usually go over the more nitty gritty details that a sales agent most likely will not know about, since they aren't system admins, or as technically versed like someone deeper in the IT field. RDS itself used to be in the same boat as Terminal and Citrix but was recently cleared with the release of MBEP's version of Anti-Malware tech within it. Terminal is being tested, though no date has been given. The status for Citrix, if and when it will be supported, is not known to me, though I can try to get an official statement from our Product Managers. The issues are related to the multiple user sessions in two ways. On the technical side, each time a user connects, it generates another instance of the realtime process, which can bring a server down due to resource usage issues, if enough users are connected to eclipse the server's available resources. The other side is account management and licensing for a setup like that, this needs to be solved as well. If you are able to install and run the protection locally for the endpoints, that is supported, though if you have very minimal thin client setup, or have it so all applications and user profiles run from the Citrix server, I understand that is not going to be an option.
  15. To be fair, that's not our software, it isn't up to us to patch Microsoft's products. We use it for internal communication only and have our own MITM protection for the managed client application communicating with the console server, to their check-in address, https://[server IP or FQDN]:18457/SCClientService/, and your console's connection to the SQL for the reporting. Roaming and remote access is not supported and we do not recommend you let the console server be externally/publicly accessible in such a way, as obviously, IIS 7.5 Express has its flaws. It would be up to you and your skills as an admin to route your traffic in way that mitigates having the console server externally accessible, if you so choose to do that.