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  1. Hey Tyler welcome to our forums! For the cloud product, we can take the following steps to get resolved for you. First, let's go ahead and add this as an exclusion so we no longer get this detection for your endpoints: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1964 I recommend we copy the full file path from the Detection and paste it as an exclusion by file path described above. Once we have the file excluded reboot the endpoint, then we can go to the "Quarantine" page from the menu on the left, find the detection in question Check the box next to the detection and in the top right click "Restore" From there the application should work without issue. Once complete if you are able to access the machine remotely or can have the user zip the Taxcube.exe file, we can get this to stop further detections on our side. Just attach or drag to a post here and we can get this detection corrected. Many Thanks!
  2. Hi Rammer, We would want to ensure that the exclusions below are in not only the Firewall portion of Symantec but also the Anti-Virus scanner exclusions. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1652 As well there is a new setting in the console under Settings > Policy to allow additional time for the program to startup I recommend setting that to 5 minutes. Let us know if your issues still persist or you have any questions? Many Thanks
  3. Hi Djentle Exile is absolutely correct that wild card would include everything you list
  4. Welcome to our business forums TCCS! Sorry to hear about this situation always tough once the files have already been encrypted. Malwarebytes does not currently offer any decryption tools or services. Backups and disaster recovery are one of the strongest defences against ransomware we offer 72-hour rollback with our Endpoint Protection and Response. As well as our Behavioral Monitoring real-time protection that can stop encryption behaviour of course. But I can point you to these third-party tools that may help identify a decryptor if available: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ https://www.nomoreransom.org/crypto-sheriff.php https://www.nomoreransom.org/en/decryption-tools.html Usually, the files are not able to be recovered but I wanted to provide what we can. Best of luck with this and let us know if you have any questions.
  5. Hello and welcome to our Business Forums! That setting in the policy is the Real-Time Protection functionality for your mac It will be searching for threats in real time, and not just waiting for scans. There may be some slight overhead to run these active protection features but should not impact performance greatly. With this enabled threats would be remediated in real time as soon as they occur instead of waiting for the next scan. Let us know if you have any trouble or questions?
  6. Hello! Exile gave some great advice above and is all accurate. Please let us know if you are able to temporarily uninstall the Trend Micro and let us know if issues persist with that removed? As well if you can please confirm that the specific policy the endpoint in question is on has the "Start malicious website blocking when protection module starts" This is policy specific so please ensure the specific policy has that option and let us know if these issues persist. Many Thanks
  7. Hello Jaws and Welcome to our Business forums. I wanted to clarify the expected behaviour and just let us know if this is not how yours is working. The Active Directory Sync when setup should automatically move the machines to the AD OU they are currently in your active directory. No machines are able to be moved into AD groups manually as they should mirror exactly your AD structure. Once moved in AD we should see them appear in the appropriate group in the management console. Let us know if you have moved machines in active directory (make sure both the IP and names match) and do not see the change reflected in your console there could be an issue, please just let us know. Many Thanks
  8. We can provide some additional help if you let us know what kind of block this is, Malware, or Exploit? Here is the guide mentioned above: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1802 A screen capture of the particular detection would be helpful if you can post that.
  9. Mark welcome to our Business Forums, sorry to hear you have not yet heard back. The case has now been assigned to a technician who has reached out to troubleshoot and help get this resolved
  10. CSV reporting is having some known issue at this time. It should work if you create a new User account the newly or recreated account should get the reports. We are working on getting this resolved on our back end moving forward.
  11. It appears the ticket got put in our consumer side. I got this transferred over to our sales team to follow up and reach back out shortly!
  12. Hi Chueypwe and welcome to the Malwarebytes business forums! The "Unregistered" devices will appear in the console when they sync with Active Directory. In this case, it appears the 01 machine is still in AD even if it no longer exists or has been recreated still has a record in your Active Directory. The way to remove these would be to update the AD to remove the machine or stop AD sync. Let us know if you have any questions or are not able to resolve with those steps? Many Thanks,
  13. Hello, Mel welcome to our cloud business products. First please ensure that the start time was after the endpoints were installed, currently, the scans will not re-occur until the next scheduled scan date if missed. Additionally Scheduled scans do not create Events but we can see them in the "Scan History" tab of an individual endpoint selected from your Manage Endpoints area. Let us know if we do not see those in the "scan history"?
  14. Good Morning, Sorry to hear that this, I have checked on your account and it appears that this looks good on our back end licensing I see 45 installed with three more available. It should not be removing older machines from the console, I have refreshed your key if you can please attempt to create a new .exe install package from the Policy tab Let us know if a reinstall at this time is still causing the same issue? Many Thanks
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