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  1. We currently have this planned for a future release, no ETA at this time. The only options, for now, would be considering user manage to prevent students from having access to control panel to uninstall this or any other program.
  2. KDawg

    BSOD when MB is running

    Kiefers, Sorry for the delay in response on this. With the Norton uninstalled do we see the same issues persisting? As well if we can go to the Settings > Policies > Edit the policy for the affected endpoints > Settings > Scroll down to Malicious Web Protection and turn off and save the policy. We can sometimes see these issues when two programs hook into the windows IP filtering platform. Let us know if issues persist with these settings in place? Many Thanks,
  3. Hello and welcome to our business forums! With our real-time protection features, it's not uncommon for conflicts to occur when using multiple security software. It sounds like this is affecting the Web Filtering portion of our real-time protection. I would recommend going to Settings > Policies > Edit Policy > Settings > "Malicious Website Protection" and turn that slider to OFF and save the policy. Since you are using another website filter lets see if running with this configuration is able to help these work side by side? As well you can give us a call at our premium business support number, we won't be able to hop on a remote right away but would be happy to schedule one if needed. Let me know if you need the number I can PM you. Many Thanks
  4. Hello! I have submitted this as a feature request to our Product Manager for the management console. That makes to sense as an option to me and I think would be a great addition. We appreciate this feedback have submitted it to our dev team. Many Thanks
  5. If we have any test machine we can do a cleanup and reinstall or reimage or any machine to test without ever having Malwarebytes installed. However with Malwarebytes completely uninstalled and no longer appearing in add/remove programs it is extremely unlikely that that Malwarebytes it causing that issue.
  6. Hello, welcome to our business Forums Laura! With the Malwarebytes completely uninstalled from the endpoint, there is very little reason to believe it is having any effect on the UltraTax software. Can we test to see if this is affecting machines that have also not had Malwarebytes installed or have all machines on the network had Malwarebytes installed?
  7. Welcome to our Forums! Items detected during real-time protection are automatically quarantined with no further action necessary. We can go to the Detections tab on the left-hand side of the cloud console From here Select the Actions Taken drop down menu and select "Found" These are the only items that Malwarebytes has detected that did not take automatic action, usually a "Scan+Report" or a scheduled scan without the automatic quarantine option selected. When scanning with "Scan + Quarantine" option as well as scheduled scans with the automatic quarantine option checked will not require further action. We can look at Quarantined items as No Action Needed, and the Found items as action possibly needed. As well check out this article on PUP's and PUM's these are on "potentially" unwanted and can create some noise as well but can be selected to not detected if you no longer want to see detections for things like toolbars. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2896 Let us know if this helps or you have any questions
  8. Hello, Thanks for the post, yes this is something that we commonly see. Malwarebytes is successfully removing the software entirely, but the browser is backed up with cloud setting that will automatically reinstall the software. Even with a large number of detections these usually are able to be resolved automatically, if we see a machine that continues to repeat detections we recommend going to the machine and removing the browser extension or toolbar in question from the user profile in chrome or other browsers. Check out these articles for more info and let us know if you have any questions. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2429 https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2896
  9. That database does look a few months out of date. Also, the Offline would indicate the server cannot communicate to update or confirm if the machines are updating from the internet. Any changes to the server, endpoints or network configuration that were made recently? An uninstall and reinstall is also a good step to ensure we get immediately up to date and that the endpoints are showing up online and communicating successfully. We can do a clean and reinstall with the following tool: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2333
  10. We do not have a traditional IPS system, but there are many layers and features that notify and protect against intrusions. That is something I will discuss with our team as a possible future feature. We work alongside most Anti-Virus programs but would want to ensure the following are in the Symantec side exclusions: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1236
  11. The expected behaviour would be for there to be only one Managed Client installed. Please be careful though as there are two versions that start with 1.8 the older 1.8 Managed Client Version and our Current 1.80 Anti-Malware version. The 1.80 Anti-Malware is the latest and would be expected to be present in addition to the 1.9 Managed Client Version. If we do see two Managed Clients on any endpoints we would want to run the following cleanup and reinstall: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-2333
  12. Works, it does download from the email but I see your point on this being an extra step. I think this is a great suggestion and will bring it to the team. Really appreciate you taking the time to help us improve! Thanks
  13. That was my poor English, my apologies. This was not a malicious threat, we accidentally added this to be blocked and removed it quickly once we realized the error. We work to get these resolved as quickly as possible just send a PM if anyone is still having any problems.
  14. This was a confirmed False Positive. We have updated our definitions with the block removed, once you endpoints have updated we should no longer see any blocks on this moving forward. Let us know if you still see the blocks or have any questions, we are here to help.
  15. KDawg

    Unregistered Clients

    We are investigating this as a possible false error. Most customers we have seen experience this do have all of there endpoint checking in registered and online. As long as you can see the endpoints in the "Clients" list and they are communicating and online. Let us know if you do not see endpoints communicating in the "Clients" list. I will reiterate these issues to our development team to see if we can reclassify this error. Many Thanks

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