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  1. It was blocked due to abuse of our affiliate program, following the spamming of a bogus Malwarebytes FB page (hxxps:// which led to hxxp:// As I've seen nothing recent, the block will be removed on the next update.
  2. You've still got malicious files present. e.g.; hxxp://
  3. Please contact
  4. The block is being removed. The cause of the listing was a phish found at; hxxps://
  5. There's still malware on the site. hxxps://
  6. Confirmed F/P. Block is being removed.
  7. Moved from Website Protection F/P reports to a more appropriate forum.
  8. The site may be clean, but these chaps aren't blacklisted for malware etc, they're listed because they've been spamming the likes of guestbooks, forums, Facebook etc for years.
  9. We're not blocking that IP. Please post the domain to which you are referring.
  10. The block will be removed on the next update.
  11. This is a false positive and will be unblocked on the next update.
  12. I've gone through the hostname and IP history and strongly recommend checking the software involved isn't routing the request elsewhere as the NTP server specified (nor indeed, any other NTP server), has never been associated with or resolved to,
  13. The site has been re-checked and will be unblocked on the next update.
  14. The cause of this is emails embedding the domain (guessing you use HTML email instead of plain text (strongly recommend changing that)) in the content. The block itself is on the gTLD (.bid) and is caused by heavy abuse of it for malicious purposes. Until this changes, you can add an exclusion for the domain itself if you wish (Settings -> Exclusions)
  15. The block was put in place because TP-Link lost control of the domain (amongst others) last year;