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  1. My PC is a Ryzen 3600 + 16 Gb RAM + SSD + RTX 2060 Super, not high end anymore, but far from being low spec.
  2. The problem while using Microsoft Defender with Malwarebytes is the heavy system impact, personally I just run MB alone.
  3. Hi, I noticed something that maybe or not a bug, MBAMWsc.exe process takes some minutes to fully register Malwarebytes 4 with Windows Security Center after a reboot making Microsoft Defender be activated again (always register setting enabled in Malwarebytes). The problem with that behavior is more impact in system resources usage for users that dont want or dont have a powerful machine to run two security in real time together.
  4. Same issue with the portuguese version, there is a lot of inconsistency and small errors there too, like the tray icon message and the Security Advisor tab (all in english, same as the italian translation).
  5. Thanks Exile, your reply is much appreciated. I fully agree with you, the Exploit Protection is one the most proactive and powerful protection mechanisms out there.
  6. I dont want to lose anti exploit protection because of Google's whim, its such a shame.
  7. The default DNS server (my ISP) is the most affected, but Google DNS for example has a increase of "just" 30 ms. It is inconsistent, sometimes it is very fast, but sometimes I can definitely feel the slowdown; I noticed that with self-defense disabled it is much faster. Thanks for the help
  8. Maybe YOU should READ the articles that are you recommending to others. Emsisoft is being totally sarcastic, I am impressed that you never heard about "them" besides a Google Search.
  9. I am experiencing some performance issues with MBAM 3 Premium (fully updated) when real time protection is enabled, especially with DNS latency and programs launch speed. With Self-Defense off there is a improvement in programs launch speed, Word 2016 and CCleaner seems to be the most affected. DNS Jumper reports more than 300 ms of latency while real time protection is on, while off it is just 1 ~ 2ms. Thanks in advance mb-check-results.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  10. Congratulations for this new release and for the hard work, It's very much appreciated. Still I noticed that with Self Protection ON some programs take more time to open (Word 2016 especially) and DNS resolution latency is still very high with real time protection enabled.
  11. I did a clean install on my machine and so far so good. Web Protection is much faster now, the impact on web browsing is minimal and DNS latency is lower than last stable version. The ability to exclude the last website blocked by Web Protection via the tray menu is nice and makes the product much more easy to use and machine learning protection sounds promising. I feel that my machine is running smooth now, but there is some slowdown with Windows Defender (mutual exclusions). My config: Windows 10 CU 1703 x64 Core i5 2500/8gb ram Windows Defender enabled
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