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  1. Domain is clean from malware, please remove from blacklist - http://seoleader.digital/
  2. ditapsa.com has been cleaned and is ready for review
  3. maklarlabbet.se has been cleaned of malware and is ready for review
  4. styleforit[.]com Site cleaned. Thanks.
  5. Site is clean: sko[.]nl Customer is reporting warnings from malwarebytes AV
  6. Please review for blacklisting - fueledutv[.]com We have scanned this site and everything came up clean. Virustotal isn't reporting any blacklists, but the customer received notices from their visitors.
  7. False Positive - stxfeaturedfilms[.]com This website has been cleaned
  8. Hi there, Please review the blacklisting of: hxxp://itconsortium[.]net Thank you!
  9. We from Sucuri cleaned the site templedehirschsinai.org , however, the client is still receiving alerts from MalwareBytes. Could you please review blacklisting? Thank you.
  10. Please deblacklist https://www.keenanwinery.com, it has been cleaned. Thanks!
  11. We from Sucuri cleaned the site http://mobilitycare.net.au/. Client is being blocked by their MalwareBytes anti-virus. https://imgur.com/a/ZtDqmQh Could you please review blacklisting for this site? Thank you.
  12. Hello, We from Sucuri cleaned the site https://www.lawyerwangu.com/ and the client is complaining about the following: Malwarebytes Website blocked due to trojan We strongly recommend you do not visit this site. Website blocked: https://www.lawyerwangu.com/ Could you please review? Thank you.
  13. lumosplus(dot)com - This website has been cleaned
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