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  1. Hi, It appears I used the wrong IP address, also I am not certain if yours is the correct site to request the removal I used the contact us link from hosts-file.net 🤔if I need to use the forum on the other site just let me know... This is the extract from the DNSBL rebuild log on the firewall which only lists the domain under hpHosts: [ hpHosts_MMT ] Reload [ 01/09/20 11:23:36 ] . completed .. Whitelist: aquacard.co.uk|www.aquacard.co.uk| ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Orig. Unique # Dups # White # TOP1M Final ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4084 4084 102 2 0 3980 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- https://hosts-file.net/default.asp?s=aquacard.co.uk
  2. Your list is used to block websites on my firewall, this morning it blocked access to www.aquacard.co.uk which is a recommended financial provider across the UK. a quick look at the sites available to check for suspicious sites shows no issues at all. www.aquacard.co.uk Kind regards Dave
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