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Windows Server 2003 Firewall and Malwarebytes

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I've got MalwareBytes consumer installed on my Windows Server 2003 which I connect to via Remote Desktop port 3389. I noticed when I do a NetStat -a, sometimes there's an unrecognized IP address other than mine connected to port 3389.

Windows Firewall has Remote Desktop as an exception, which a scope of my static IP address only with a mask of I also checked with www.grc.com and port 3389 shows open.

Does MalwareBytes consumer edition somehow turn off the Windows firewall?



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Hello and :welcome:

Being that this is on a Windows 2003 Server, I am going to assume you are a business.

As a business you are not allowed to install or use the product in any capacity and is a violation of the EULA to do so. The Technician's License was designed for small shops such as yours so that you can economically afford and use the product legally and avail yourself to Corporate Support. I'm not certain of the cost but I believe it is around $100 per Technician per year. A typical cleanup or possibly two cleanups often pays for the license in most cases.

Thank you for your understanding.

That being said if you are a business and you have a corporte version of Malwarebytes....

As a licensed reseller, affiliate, corporate\business, non-profit or government user or tech shop, your current inquiry is eligible for Malwarebytes’ Corporate support. To qualify for business support services, you MUST HAVE a valid annual subscription and able to provide the following information for verification purposes.

Cleverbridge Order Reference Number:

Organization name:

Approved Contact name:

To contact our Corporate Support Team, please send an email with the above requested information to the following address:


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  • Root Admin

If you're MBAM protection logs are that large then it is quite possible that your system is under some type of Denial of Service Attack or Syn Flood as normal log file sizes are very small.



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