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  1. Hello, nukecad i want only help this product make it better, this my experience from me. @developer Team The startup sequence takes to long by me, between 30 seconds to 1 minute, and more. That was my experience, the Last Days. MAM
  2. Hello, is ShortwaveAllwaveRadioToolsPaid, really malware or an F/P? Some AV vendors, trigger this as malware, Esset, AhnLab V3, Alibaba, Anity-AVL, Avast-Mobile, Avira, Babable, CAT-QuickHeal, here are 15 pieces that do this with me through this app, https://support.virustotal.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002146549-Mobile-apps ads. And some also show malware on the site with me on the smartphone are installed. Unfortunately, it is a paid version. Place of origin was a German Google play store. Manufacturer page is, http://app.jmb.mx/. Who can confirm that this is malware or many false alarms? Thanks. MAM
  3. Hello, run Malwarebytes for mobile also under Selfish Os, in conjunction with the new Nokia 3310? Is that possible? MAM
  4. And the start takes to long by me, is this already known to you? MAM
  5. For example: Gescannte, Gescannte, Zeit, mean in your languages, Scanned, scanned, time. There is something in duplicate. Should not it be scanned, apps, and time? In German: Gescannte, Apps, Zeit. Now I do not know what is counted where you have to assign yourself. MAM
  6. Hello, something is wrong with the German version of Malwarebytes for mobile.
  7. Ok, version: ...the old by me: App-Version: The New one is now: Is this correct now? MAM
  8. Hello, with a working. And I miss by the start sequence the Robot. I donĀ“t any if I problem now solved is?! MAM
  9. Maybe it exists a NEW version of Malwarebytes for mobile? MAM
  10. @nukecad Hello, you can try this Tool, [Tool] [I9300] Mega Wipe / SuperWipe / Factory Reset / Simple Wipe [All-in-One] Source: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s3/general/tool-mega-wipesuper-wipefactory-t1832326 Whom it is suitable for your device. And build your device new up. Be careful what do you do in this issue. I myself, can not use the tool, it does not seem to be compatible with a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (Android 4.2.2), GT-I8200N. @others The Problem exist also by me! MAM
  11. I must me apologize for my last posting, above in the past. Sorry for that, I was a little bit "pisst off" about me, and my device & skills from me on this issue. Sorry for my rude behavior. But it annoys me just because it does not work properly with me. By a newer Android device, Android 7.0.1 Nougat, I have such problems not. It is running outstanding. Greetings from MAM.
  12. MAM

    Malwarebytes Rescue Disc

    Hello, please forgot my idea, on this issue. That does not work! MAM
  13. Hello, unfortunately, this error does not always occur to me. Had needed about 5 attempts today, it is almost always in the same place, stuck. At 17 minutes. Had the device off for a long time. And again a check made. See where it went, so run 1 hour. Is it perhaps a heating problem, from the battery or SD card? Just had, again a check started and it is stuck again. And what seems strange to me, is that M symbol is not in the left corner, who I start with Malwarebytes for mobile a check. Or am I wrong with that? MAM
  14. Hello, and here now the Picture. MAM
  15. Hello, Well, I'm not inventing the problem. Here is a picture of this situation, it hangs here at this point. It should be done with a full system review. MAM

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