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  1. Hello, you mean me now, right? But that was what was recommended to me at the time, and that's how I did it. I have to look for the thread ... if I can still find it ... MAM
  2. Hello, my goddnes to blind to see the solution. SCNR. I bought in the past, Malwarebytes-antimalware for ATTENION Android Os 4.2.2. This version does not suportetet .... Please look around here, www.Apkmirror.com Was recommended to me at that time in a different thread som ... Unfortunately I can't find the thread anymore, it was recommended to me at the time ... to download the corresponding version ... MAM
  3. Hello, well is this a fp ? The result´s from VT, https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5218d9cef5f53f028d47343f5b3e547ebb23c4dcf152476234696752fae2a9c5/detection Source, https://dex-os.github.io/ Please examine it. Thanks. MAM
  4. So you think that should be used with caution? ! MAM
  5. Hello, for the first Steps, do this https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038524594-Malwarebytes-on-Android-FAQs I guess, that is the right Link, for help for you, https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Please describe your problem exactly as you did it here in the forum.Or more precisely, maybe you forgot something or left something out ... Sorry for my my blindness. And please be patient, to wait for an answer in this issue, problem. MAM
  6. Hello, well i guess that is a NEW function, in the latest product, from Malwarebyts-antimalware. See also here, ---> https://www.tomsguide.com/news/malwarebytes-privacy-vpn MAM
  7. Hello, you can try, Blokada to solve your problem. ----> https://blokada.org/ Or you wait here for the experts. What they have to say about that. MAM
  8. Hello, is PrivaZer, a good clean Up Tool ? Source: https://privazer.com/en/ Is this really a good Tool, to clean up a computer System ? Or i can damaged also my computer System ? I this really better, than CCleaner, the data miner and very often home sick ? A deeper discussion, about this can you find, here https://www.wilderssecurity.com/threads/privazer-discussion-thread.341840/ Can you tell me in three simple sentences , is this a good, or a bad Tool for this task. MAM
  9. Hello, i have here under Windows 10, this problem, with MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe "Trojan" problem under Windows10. A screenshot for example: What´s going on by me ? MAM
  10. Hello, well read his posting, again and you have the solution. MAM
  11. Hello, thank you for your understanding a little bit to help further. But now the experts are in demand here. To help you further. In your matter. MAM
  12. Hello. Well that is in my eys a srtrange behavior. But please bring a little patience to what the experts can say. I only do the preparatory work for the experts here ..... MAM
  13. Hello, what is this for device ? I guess that is a Samsung S8 model, right ? Is this device rooted ? How long takes this examining ? Are there any other security apps or other virus scanners installed on this device? Is this realy a Samsung S8, please make a screen shot of it. Please make a screen shot, after a examining with Malware-Bytes for Android of it, and post it here in this forum also. How to make a screen shot, with Samsung S8 ? Here, i think https://www.androidauthority.com/galaxy-s8-plus-how-to-take-screenshot-765452/ that is the solution. And which Android version runs on it ? Well, you must answer that question. Good Luck ! MAM
  14. Hello, well you must asking here, https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/6-general-windows-pc-help/ That is the right place for it. PS: Or your posting will be moved there by a mod or admin. PSS: OMG I'm talking to myself, now it's getting serious with me ... MAM
  15. Well, that is strange by me. This malware, or f/p, ends up in my quarantine, doesn't it? MAM
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