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    Hello, please remove it. this log in the public. Please make it. Yo have the Log as a TXT file postit in your first post. That is enough. Also experts, have a permission to read and work it. Ok? MAM

    Hello, well i have no acces to this log.txt. Please wait for the expert´s here to help you. Good Luck! MAM

    Please more Input, in this issue. MAM
  4. Incompatibility with Firefox running on XP

    Hello, why you riding a dead horse? Windows Xp, is dead, NO UPDATES since 2013. Have you a BIG reason why you use the now nuch, and probably with Internet connection? In diffrent forums, iam reading Windows XP not to use. MAM
  5. Can also Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which is also listed at Virustotal. Also detect Android malware? Other producers of antivirus programs, can it? I think we need a reverence instance to check if it is more malicious code or not. To make the developer a little work. MAM
  6. Hello. Please read this, I hope that ansewer your questions. MAM
  7. How do we know

    ciliegia Hello can you provide us the App which downloaded somewhere ? For example this , MyPhoneExplorer Copy or transver this App to your Pc, and upload this sample here, With a note here to this thread here where you had asked. And by the upload link above, write you by the "Headline" subject Malware or False Positive. MAM
  8. How do we know

    Well, that is clean i think ?! Please show up the result´s from VT, False Positive, or to NEW. Residual risk remains ... Yes Malwarebytes for Mobile flags this App also as ransomware by me. If it is the right app I had now times on the fast examined. So the possibly same from the author this posting.... MAM
  9. How do we know

    Hello, i guess the Source of the Evil is this Link here, If it's really malware, or just a false positive ?! Can this someone confirm? MAM
  10. How do we know

    Hello, i can not found the Greenify 3.7.1 App in a german Googel Store. MAM
  11. Hello. Well, well well how can i describe this strange Bug..... I get updates from the future. So my watch on the smartphone shows, for example, 18:10, in the program of Malwarebytes for Android is then 18:13. Ok are only 3 minutes different. Or is my watch af the smartphone stop after. Or? So such a behavior I could not yet determine on menem device. Wills have mentioned here times. MAM
  12. How about a function that removes all the traces you leave behind while surfing with an Android device on the net. Browser profile, etc. For example, what CCleaner under Android do, or SD Maid. MAM
  13. Ok, thank you also for the help, to fix up this problem. MAM
  14. Hello, yes i instaled Malwarbytes Anti-Malware new, erased over the Folder wat installed was, reboot, and make this te clean tool. And Now? I start a scan, no Error Massage came up. ???? MAM