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  1. MAM

    Not impressed with Malwarebytes.

    Hello, and welcomme in our cummunity. Well we make a work a round. Maybe, are the alleged malware samples too old or just too young to be NEW? You have this uploadet by VirusTotal, press the button, by FIRST Details, and yo see what´s going on. You must look, by the first submission. Verry important Information for you, the malware game may not be older than 3 months, otherwise this is not built-in. Sorry, I'm not a native speaker. The Malware Sammples does not older than 3 Months. INPO ----> in my personal opinion. MAM
  2. Hello, welcomme in our community. For a first overviwe please read this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AdMob . And make please also this what, mbam_mtbr in posting #2 advised you, and please attach them, here in this forum. Otherwise you will not be helped here. MAM
  3. MAM

    THL T9 Pro

    Hello, you can read and try this carefully, ---> https://www.getdroidtips.com/stock-rom-on-thl-t9-pro/ Please be careful, what you do do. Or, you wait here for the experts here. MAM Censored by myself!
  4. Hello, i think you are overprotected, that is not good. Is your device also rooted? You are running, too much security App´s on your device. Unfortunately, I can not comment on that, and so I can not help you. Sorry. Please wait here for the experts, to help you out of your issue.
  5. MAM

    THL T9 Pro

    Hello, A step can you do or read this. I hope that helps you. Good Luck! MAM
  6. Hello, I have your information forwarded to the other Forum. I hope that is in your senses? MAM
  7. Hello, and welcome in our Forum. Maybe, you can try this, https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/index.php?lang=en_US MAM
  8. Hello, OK thanks for this answer in this issue. MAM
  9. And how could you create an apps report? How does it work ? Or, you mean this here. 1.Open the Malwarebytes for Android app. 2.Tap the Menu icon. 3. Tap Your apps. 4. Tap three lines icon in upper right corner. 5. Tap Send to support Choose an email app to send Apps Report. MAM
  10. Hello, will this old device still be provided with malware definitions in the future? So, I get the right updates too? MAM
  11. Hello, How to remove android/trojan.agent.GOG, on a AGM A8 4GB EU with Android 7.1. ? Malwarebytes for mobile, detect this crap, and cannot remove it, I found this in a german Android Forum. Maybe an Fp, or what? Real infection? Source: https://www.androidpit.de/forum/780068/agm-a8-virus-malware-spyware#3210739 Is in German. MAM
  12. Great, now I'm no longer protected with my old device. I am still a paying customer. MAM
  13. Hello, not really. Or I have an understanding problem in this issue. Let me explain to you: This old version of Malwarebytes for mobile, not developed anymore, is that so? Or I'll put the reverse question right away, will there be a further development in version, and updates in the future? MAM
  14. Hello, why are the current updates, so different between a Samsung Galaxy 3 mini Android 4.2.2 (GT-I8200N), and the LENOVO Motorola, Modell Moto E4 (XT1762), Android Os 7.1.1? App version: Version der Schadsoftware-DB: 2018.09.11.0. By a Samsung Galaxy 3 mini Android 4.2.2 (GT-I8200N) Android device. App version: Version der Schadsoftware-DB: 2018.09,12.01 By a LENOVO Motorola, Modell Moto E4 (XT1762), Android Os 7.1.1 Android device. This App, I mean Malwarebytes for mobile, on Android. Something lags behind ... What´s going on in this issue? MAM

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