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  1. Where are the experts, in this case? You leave these avoidable customers in the "rain" Why is not governed to that effect ??? !!! An unsatisfied customer of Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarebytes for mobile. MAM
  2. Hello, please to explain me this error massage: Validating restore point ... FAILED 0x8007002. I use this tool more often, but I have not had such a message yet. Enclosed a screen shot. What shall I do now ? My work environment here is Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, I hope with all updates. MAM
  3. Hello, thanks for the answer. MAM
  4. Hello, this is a upload test posting from me, this Fire Fox. Well i can only upload: Max total size 4.52 MB This is the Info from the forum software. @ Admins can you enlarge ? MAM
  5. Hello, i have also the same problem.The upload size is also so tiny by me. MAM
  6. Hello, well now to Day is the NEW uppdate by me a also arived. MAM
  7. Hello, the help, we really do not help you any further ? MAM
  8. @ MacelBurger is you problem now solved ? @mbam_mtbr Thanks for you feedbach, in this issue. MAM
  9. Hello, well i can´t not help you in this issue, but i have a question..... This question is @ for all here: Can you explain me, why you have you a NEWER version of Malwarebytes for mobile as me ? I have here, under Android 7.01 (?) the version And you have the That is strange. MAM
  10. Hello, for the first step/try this: Debloater 4.0 by Gatesunior, https://debloater.en.lo4d.com/ And read this also carefull, https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/software/debloater-remove-carrier-bloat-t2998294 Or you can try this, Removal instructions for Adups Source: Or you be paitent, and wait for the exper´s here, to help you out of you mass. Sorry, for my gibberish english, here. Iam not a native speacker of that. MAM
  11. Hello, well the version is And now the App mean, the premium function end now. Usually only in September 2019 !!! Other opinion about that strange behavior ? MAM
  12. Hello, is this also legitem to download that ? What is the diffrent ...??? Source: https://apkpure.com/de/search?q=Malw Is this also a newer version, on a older device ? Is this the case, why do you get this version, not through the Google Store ?! Is this the same, waht i can bought can in the Googel Store ? MAM
  13. Hello, is there anything against using Malwarebytes for mobile on a rooted device? MAM
  14. Hello, sorry for my bad or rude behaviour in this issue, I'm not a native speaker of your language ... I sometimes write here from my memory, or with Google translation .... MAM
  15. Hello, so hard, discussed in the past, and no solution, right THAT ?! MAM
  16. Harry up, ressult´s , must I, seen. https://www.time.gov/ MAM
  17. It will be difficult to do it all on different operating systems .... Or what do you really mean? MAM
  18. If it was really urgent, he would have cheated on her .... Or what? MAM
  19. Hello, well explain us, what do you are meaning ? MAM
  20. Hello, Now that would be a good idea, but I mean that will not be reversed, too much work with it, and who wants to pay all this? But a good idea Some anti virus programs, can also recognize a Pc Android malware ..... But how the reasoning is the recognition I can not say ... MAM
  21. Hello, well i guess the problem is solved now. Or ? Malwarebytes for mobile, detect, after the last update, malware positions: Android/PUP.Adware.BatMobi.NC Five times. Source was, this https://videoder.de.uptodown.com/android But the name is diffrent, here the name on the Homepage is Videoder, an what you can download via android device is videoderbeta-1.apk, but in the version 14.2 from/by Rahul Verma . Strange. Test enviroment, was by me a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (GT-i8200N), with Android 4.2.2 Os, rooted ! Well, is this problem/infection realy solved now ? MAM
  22. Hello, why not a upload function, from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for mobile him self ? So you suspect that you have a "contaminated" app installed on his android. And then upload them directly to Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware for mobile for analysis. Would that be possible? MAM
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