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  1. Literally did every single step from here and no luck .The Resloving Hosts issue came back. I turned off the Ransomware and Web Protection modules and that didn't fix it. I had to clean it again with the Support tool for the sites to load. I'm installing the version that I didn't have any problems with and I'll wait for the issue to get fixed.
  2. It happened right after I turned on my laptop. I turned it on, let it load all the stuff for maybe 5-10 minutes then I opened Chrome and the resolving hosts issue had appeared again. I know I really hate downgrading program versions too but I literally cannot use my laptop with that issue.. I hate turning the Protection modules too... I wouldn't had bought Malwarebytes if I didn't want to use all the Protective modules... I really love Malwarebytes and it is unfortunate that this issue happened.. Also when I have the issue and click Quit Malwarebytes the program q
  3. Last night the resolving hosts issue came back again even though I was on the lastest beta... I downgraded to the version from Prothos with which I had no problems. Malwarebytes version:, Component package version 1.0.750 I don't really know how could that help but I recorded a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2_Tc0l5h-c
  4. Yes, every night I turn off my laptop completely. I don't leave it on sleep. Alright, I'll change the schedules time for a scan. Yes, I am in the Beta and I updated to the latest release. I'll test it and reply if the new version and changing the Scheduled Scan had fixed the resolving hosts issue.
  5. I did that. After the restart the resolving host issue dissapeared. I'll reply if it comes back again.
  6. Today the resolving hosts issue came back ... My laptop was turned on and I hadn't used it for 1-2 hours. When I Opened Chrome/Edge the pages were loading slowly and on the bottom left corner it said resolving hosts again... Had to restart my laptop 2 times. On the second time I turned it on the issue was gone.
  7. Thank you ! I reset my sync, removed the found items and than did another scan. On the second scan Malwarebytes didn't find anything.
  8. Since Saturday untill now I haven't had problems with the "Resolving Host" issue. I don't really know why it came back and vanished after I restarted my laptop. However Malwarebytes keeps finding those files again and again even if I quarantine them. Should I create a new post in the "False Positives -> File Detection" section of the forum ?
  9. Hi, I've been using Malwarebytes for a long time and It has helped me a lot of times. The first time that I found the program I had an annoying "Webengine" process in the task manager that was taking up almost all of my laptop's recources.It appeared that it was Malware. I tried some antivirus software to remove that malware. Finally I found Malwarebytes and gave it a try. It worked like a charm and removed the malware from my computer. Since than I am using it and I recommend it to friends and family.I wouldn't use any other protection software.For me its really the best anti-virus software.
  10. Hello, just as I was going to reply that I didn't have any problems the past days after I installed version component update 1.0.979, the problem appeared again. I'll start from the beginning. I turn off my laptop every night. Today I turned it on and left it on for maybe 2 hours without touching it. In that time the scheduled scanner was scanning. After the 2 hours that I wasn't using it I sat down and I noticed that Malwarebytes had found 16 threads. The interesting thing was that those threads were found yesterday too and I quarantined them. I expanded the details and they wer
  11. I updated it to the latest beta and I'll test it for two-three days. I'll reply with the results.
  12. Okay, thanks for the information. Is there any way for me to know when an update is released that fixes this issue ?
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