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  1. hi but is safe download from apkmirror? but malwarebyte could post some old version for the client thanks hi it's no my phone , it's my girfriend phone , she like it , and she replaced some month ago the battery i have used the malware linked ,even for malwarebyte it's the best seem they fixed quickly i will take the phone under observation
  2. hi i have read that some malware could be not removed by an antimalware like malwarebyte , only resetting or flashing the phone is it true? i will try them thanks
  3. Hi there is no update , it's sad I know is there a very good application to scan my girlfriend's phone (outside malwarebyte)? thanks
  4. hi do you think i could connect my phone to my computer ,and use antimalware to scan my phone? i 'm malwarebyte windows user/client but i don't know how obtain support for android thanks
  5. hi android 6 is required ,isn't it? but is there an older apk to use it , seeing i can't understand i have malwarebyte paid under windows , a support for android would be appreciated
  6. hi used 3 phones with android 5 , there is nothing on google play i can see only with phones with android 6 and later just try with an older phone , uninstall it and search there is nothing need android v6 and later
  7. hi i have the italian version too , and no , there is no even in the list using google play (update) for android
  8. Hi , i'm deeply sorry ! i have posted under mac subforum , some admins will move soon give a look https://i.imgur.com/hqhWIlv.png
  9. Hi my girlfriend got an application from her friend via whatsapp i would love to install malwarebyte for android , her phone is stuck at v5 can't upgrade to v6 is there a way to just install malwarebyte for android on v5 (maybe an older version) ? thanks
  10. hi i bought license for eset smart security ,and i have paid for 2017 malwarebyte is the best antimalware ever made , can i install v3 and keep it running with eset smart security? thanks
  11. hi i mean i can create hips rules (like the hips of eset smart security) thanks
  12. hi i will upgrade as soon as i can to v3 now i'm not home , i will be back the next week but why did not you have include an hips? v3 with an hips would be the best tool around thanks
  13. hi i have windows 10 pro 64bit , i updated to anniversary update and all the update of microsoft , and many program i'm paying for stopped to work or do they crash or stop to work mostly are adobe , the adobe forum is flooded by request to fix the many issues well i restore an image prior anniversary update and i stopped the update service, because i can't work with w10 updated i use always firefox and chrome always updated , ever used internet explorer or edge my security is eset smart security 8 , i will install v10 as soon as i can hoping it doesn't give me issue now my question , to keep my system safe, seeing w10 is full of application , i guess they use internet explorer , Am i safe with eset smart security real time engine? or do i need anti exploit? thanks a lot
  14. hi i have used anti-malware the last version on a friend of mine laptop ,running w8.1 well , antimalware find everything and did clean all of them now my question : i have the original dvd (that came with the laptop ) , can i restore all the windows files to be sure they are not corrupeted ? just use the dvd to restore them ? or is there a way to use internet to check all of them and if there is a way , can i use it with w7 and w10? thanks
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