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  1. June 2018 Security Updates Release Date: June 12, 2018 The June security release consists of security updates for the following software: • Internet Explorer • Microsoft Edge • Microsoft Windows • Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office Services and Web Apps • ChakraCore • Adobe Flash Player In addition, Microsoft is releasing the following advisory: Microsoft Security Advisory 4338110 Please note the following information regarding the security updates: • Windows 10 version 1607 and Windows Server 2016 users must install KB4132216 prior to installing the June 2018 cumulative security update. See 4132216 for more information. • Windows 10 updates are cumulative. The monthly security release includes all security fixes for vulnerabilities that affect Windows 10, in addition to non-security updates. The updates are available via the Microsoft Update Catalog. • Starting in March 2017, a delta package will be available on the Microsoft Update Catalog for Windows 10 version 1607 and newer. This delta package contains just the delta changes between the previous month and the current release. • Updates for Windows RT 8.1 and Microsoft Office RT software are only available via Windows Update. • For information on lifecycle and support dates for Windows 10 operating systems, please see Windows Lifecycle Facts Sheet. • In addition to security changes for the vulnerabilities, updates include defense-in-depth updates to help improve security-related features. • After installing the June security updates, customers may need to complete one or more manual steps to be fully protected. See the following: • After installing the updates for SharePoint Foundation 2013 Service Pack 1 or SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016, customers need to run psconfig.exe. See Why we recommend / require to run the Configuration Wizard also for Security fixes • After installing Windows updates, refer to the following table for further action to be protected from Spectre/Meltdown vulnerabilities: Known Issues • 4284880 • 4284819 • 4284835 • 4284826 • 4284867
  2. Microsoft® Windows® Malicious Software Removal Tool The updated version of Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is available. Version: 5.61 Date Published: 06.12.2018 File Size: 41.7 MB Language: English Please review KB890830 for the list of malicious software that the current version of the tool is capable of removing as well as usage instructions. Also, please be aware that this tool reports anonymous information back to Microsoft in the event that an infection is found or an error is encountered. The above KB article contains information on how to disable this functionality and what specific information is sent to Microsoft. Microsoft Download Center
  3. hayc59

    Pale Moon Updates

    Pale Moon v27.9.3 Released 06.12.2018 This is a security update.. Whats New: • (CVE-2017-0381) Ported a patch from libopus upstream. Note, contrary to that report, the libopus maintainers state they don't believe remote code execution was possible, so this was not a critical patch. • Fixed an issue with task counting in JS GC. • Fixed a use-after-free in DOMProxyHandler::EnsureExpandoObject (thanks to Berk Cem Göksel for reporting). • Portable only: Included the previously omitted registry helper. This may in some cases help with file/type associations.. *Download Links-Direct .EXE* Pale Moon 27.9.3 Pale Moon 27.9.3 x64 Pale Moon Portable 27.9.3 Release Notes
  4. Yes rebooted and tried no updates
  5. I have tried everything to get this installed and nothing from your server to my program! Do you have an .exe file to load? thank you
  6. hayc59


    CCleaner v5.42.6499 Released May 18th 2018 IMPORTANT FIX FOR CHROME Whats New Browser Cleaning • Fixed a critical issue where very long float values were saved in scientific format, causing the Chrome profile to be lost • Fixed a critical issue where systems using non-standard decimal separators caused data to be stored incorrectly, causing the Chrome profile to be lost Download CCleaner 5.42 Other Builds Whats New Caution: Many companies are adding or bundling prechecked offers of other software with their installation processes. UNCHECK any unwanted, prechecked software installs that may be offered.
  7. still and I mean still does not show up in taskbar...why?? you tell me me! its a pain not to be able to right click on the little itty bitty icon to do the simple things in life..like for instance update defs ect...ect... still running xp home..oh and cant wait for the automated responce that does nada to help...LOL
  8. hayc59

    PDF Shaper Updates

    PDF Shaper v.8.3 Released 7-May-2018 Whats New New Features • Added Spanish translation. • Option to sign PDF using multiple signatures. • Additional options for signatures (reason, location, contact). • OCR and text layout options for text extraction. Enhancements • Updated help file and translations. • Improvements to command line processing. • Minor interface improvements. Bug Fixes • Fixed bug with printing of current page. • Minor bug fixes and improvements. Download: PDF Shaper Changelog: PDF Shaper
  9. hayc59


    CCleaner v5.42.6495 Released April 23 2018 Whats New Cookies • Search terms are now highlighted in the results list General • Where appropriate, CCleaner Free may recommend improvements to your system’s antivirus protection Installer • Fixed an issue where localized text was overlapping in the Professional Edition installer Browser Cleaning • Internet Explorer: Fixed a bug where cleaning Temporary Internet Files left some files behind • IE/Edge: Enhanced cleaning of YouTube viewing history (thanks alhazred!) Localization • Added improved Estonian translations (thanks to our volunteer translator ProPaan!) Technology • Added support for Sciter: a lightweight, embeddable HTML/CSS/script engine for modern UI development Download CCleaner 5.42 Other Builds Whats New Caution: Many companies are adding or bundling prechecked offers of other software with their installation processes. UNCHECK any unwanted, prechecked software installs that may be offered.
  10. hayc59

    Winsock reset?

    right on NO issues here so I will opt out of that for now on, thank you
  11. hayc59

    Winsock reset?

    is this a good thing to do? I said no until i confirm..no damage will be done, windows seven dont want to lose my wifi
  12. The only yellow explanation point I have is one that says on the 14th of today : TCP/ip has reached it limit imposed on number of comumpent TCP connect attempts??
  13. Exile..howdy!! I have no other issues other than that and if it running and I know it is I am good with it On my Laptop(windows Seven) everything is sound..so I can live with no icon in task bar..there are always to many anyways thanks mi amigo!!
  14. Firefox v59.0 Released Released: March 13 2018 If you’re a regular reader of Firefox release notes (and thank you if you are!) you’re probably aware of just how much we’ve invested in the performance of Firefox Quantum. We launched an entirely new engine in November, made significant improvements to graphics rendering in January, and are continuing to post performance gains and add features with this release. On Firefox for desktop, we’ve improved page load times, added tools to annotate and crop your Firefox Screenshots, and made it easier to arrange your Top Sites on the Firefox Home page. On Firefox for Android, we’ve added support for sites that stream video using the HLS protocol. Direct Download: Firefox 59.0 for Windows | Fully Localized Versions More Info: Release Notes More Info: Build Notes More Info: Security Advisories

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