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ask install checker?

mbam daz.

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does anyone know if ask.com is still regarded as a spyware?

I wanted to install glary utilities earlier and a askinstall checker was connecting to the internet.

any help please.?


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Thats very odd.

why do most recommend not installing the ask toolbar as it contains spyware?

It was a major issue not long ago.

It seemed to be an issue amongst comodo users as version 4 was coming bundled with an ask toolbar which was considered spyware.

Several people cant be wrong.

Or is it a case of sweep it under the carpet and forget it sort of thing?


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Hi mbam daz.

The Ask Toolbar is not considered adware/spyware. You will not see any detections from any vendor. The privacy policy use to be a concern, but I have not seen nor read anything that deems suspicious or a privacy concern. ;) I'm unaware of why many say it's adware when results indicate there is no harm.

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Guest name cool


Most "," toolbar claim it has the protection of privacy and you consider the best or even faster, but Most of them are not as well as a for espionage purposes, not for the benefit of the in the installation of the toolbar. Working toolbars to change the home page of the browser as we all know. And a lot of software comes with toolbars and often is the "ask toolbar" When we search with "ask toolbar" We'll see search results wrong or that does not exist this address we were looking for.

And I think that the "ask toolbar" contains a Spy ware "There are attacks come from the toolbars, and Most" people did not know it. The Most "experts recommend removing the" ask toolbar "for suspicion. ;)


M' Anti-M Free use. XP SP 3


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Then try running mbam, My TM program tells me all the cookies, let alone anything else whats going on. (to some degree) SAS does a good job to proof privacy on the internet is an adventure. Go to the homepage of ??? thinking.... About.com and they will drop tracking cookies on you like it was raining. As for toolbars I never use them. BTW: CCleaner has an area for --- well I strayed off into the area of cookies, but if you use the program you know what I mean..... another 2 cents from yardbird

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i use google i used to use ask.com .

i run my browser in sandboxie and ive never had trouble with cookies since.

I do know that the ask toolbar drops the mywebsearch adware on your system and the popular screensavers as well.

i use both MBAM and SAS.

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Here are some links you can check out if you want, some are older but will give you some information anyway.






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The only problem I see with the toolbar is being unwanted. Users download the product for the product not for something additional. However, I see it in an additional case where you are earning cash based on user downloads. There is a dark side to that, but some very good projects would cease to exist if they didn't have such funding.

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i'm with yardbird in his views ...

my personal opinion ; 99% of the toolbars , not including those found as an integral part of the original design in real programs such as photoshop , OO , etc ...

are nothing more than superfluous eye-candy and have about the same level of functionality as a screen door on a submarine .

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One of the reasons I preferred FX over IE 4+ years ago (and still do) is because of the fact that it had tabs and a built-in spell checker.

Of course, most if not all browsers have tabs now, but IE is still lacking the built-in spell checker, which is a downside for me. I am a pretty good speller and typically read over things before I post/send them, but a built in checker is still a plus for me.

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