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  1. hi yardbird. this program force shutdown is it windows7 compatible?
  2. hi...thanks for the replies.14 million people cant be wrong..thats good enough for me.im always weary of using programs like this.especially registry cleaners.but i inspected the results and they seemed legit..thanks again.
  3. hello all.i recently installed some software called glary utilities from glarysoft.do any members have anything to say about this product.ive used it once and it doesnt appear at the moment to have affected my computer in any way..is it a safe program to continue using.? many thanks.
  4. thanks for the good advice..i was going to use comodo time machine but apparently this program will corrupt the master boot record on a computer so im giving that a miss.
  5. hi.this may seem like a stupid question but im going to ask it anyway..does a 64-bit operating system actually use a microsoft net framework.? im new to windows and 64-bit computing and i see references to net framework on my system but they are not running by default when i purchased my computer..any help would be nice..thanks.
  6. hi everyone.i recently used a hard drive imaging program called macrium reflect and made a copy of my c drive..i exited the program when completed.problem i have is that there is a active process running called reflect.exe.is this process supposed to be running continuously.? any help on this would be great.thanks.
  7. hi everyone.i just wondered if anybody on the forum has heard of a anti-rootkit program called tizer secure anti-rootkit razor.? has anyone any information on this product and can it be recommended at all.?many thanks.
  8. that day was truly awful and i still cannot believe that this sort of evil is still in the world...may god bless the victims of that terrible act..it puts your own existence into a new dimension,no matter what problems you may experience personally.these problems seem totally insignificant when compared to that tragedy.
  9. wow hahaha those computer ads are amazing.we could still use a computer even before windows haha.where are they all now.?
  10. hi.thank you all for that wonderful advice i shall certainly try the options you have given me..many thanks.much appreciated.
  11. hello everybody.I just wondered if there were any forum members like me who owned a commodore amiga in their younger days..I would like to confess to actually still owning and occasionally still using this wonderful landmark computer from the 80s and 90s.I know this may seem strange but i absolutely adored this computer when it came out and it truly broke through the computing barriers..i would also like to say a very big thank you to the late mr jay miner who brought this wonderful machine into the world which created so much happiness and delight to me and no doubt millions of others in thei
  12. hi everybody.when i create a restore point in windows is there any way i can tell windows to keep my restore points permanently.i create my restore points and then when i need to use them they have gone.any help would be very much appreciated.many thanks.
  13. hi.Here in britain we have a new prime minister in david cameron..Just wondered what others thought of him. Tell the truth lol.
  14. hi.thank you for those suggestions.i shall look at those.all the best and thanks.
  15. hi.Thanks for the advice.i shall certainly try some of those options.take care and thanks again.
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