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  1. WOW. All I was trying to do was make it a genuine install, but guess thats not gonna happen. Nobody has really even bothered to explain what downgrade rights was so I'm still somewhat confused. You can close this topic now I probably won't be responding much on here anymore if that's the attitude a forum manager has and refuses to answer some of my questions. :angry:
  2. Thanks guys! Already knew UEFI was not OS or image related, but haven't figured out how to use the shell yet. I'll probably experiment with this later when I get a chance. Also one other question. This probably won't matter for licensing, but what if I installed Ubuntu on this computer then reinstall the mentioned Dell version of Windows 7 and replace the other computer with Ubuntu so only one would have this copy of Windows 7 installed. Would that make any difference since technically Windows 8 was not installed prior? Or would it not matter since it came with Windows 8 and therefore still under licensing between Microsoft and Dell?
  3. Ahh okay that was my bad then. Not your fault. I guess with all the trolls lately in WoW it kinda got to me. lol I understand now. Yup. Haven't wrote many for a bit so maybe I seemed to have forgotten about them. One of the last ones was with MBAM wanting to do a flashs can on every update even when not checked for some reason and Ron I think told me to set it to silent which wasn't exactly how I wanted it, but it worked I just liked to see feedback with the tooltip on update. Maybe I'm just not as good with all this tech stuff as I want to believe. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I tend to kinda go off without really thinking about the whole situtation. Really need to work on that....
  4. Well maybe it was a misunderstanding. This is the post that kinda set me off. Sometimes it's hard to tell the tone when reading. One of the problems I have is that a lot of my questions go unanswered or I get like 2 responses and that's it. Even when it comes to issues with MBAM usually it doesn't get resolved or much effort put into helping doesn't seem to exist. For this topic I asked what downgrade rights was and got no response. Was willing to work with this if at all possible, but guess with licensing there isn't much options. The lack of helpful responses and getting things resolved on this forum is frusterating which is why I don't post much anymore as it seems to be a waste of time.
  5. This topic can be closed since nobody seems willing to help with this misunderstanding. Rather disappointed.... One reason I like GNU/Linux is that I don't get a bunch of backlash from people saying that's not legal. Licensing is confusing so give people a break....
  6. I did a lot of googling and thought this was legal, but I guess not. So even if I installed an upgrade copy of Windows 8 Pro on my computer (currently not in use) this still wouldn't be legal? I'm confused on this whole downgrade rights you are talking about.
  7. Yeah, but it's a Dell disc and the computer it came with is a Dell and so is the other. From what I understand there's no license issue.
  8. I keep forgetting to update this. Anyway the factory reset disc was just Windows 8, but they walked us through the install (they wanted to make sure it got installed correctly) and got Windows 8 back on. I noticed that there were no drivers or other programs installed, but they said the drivers were in the disc so I assume either Dell embedded them or Windows works out of the box. Everything seemed to be working fine when I installed the fresh copy of Windows. However, I ended up putting a copy of Windows 7 I had laying around since I noticed that Dell had drivers available for it. So that worked out as mom would rather would have that. Anyway everything appears to be working fine and I think it was just a bad install of Windows. @CWB I forgot to respond to your previous idea of me building a desktop for her. Well the matter is I only built one and wouldn't consider myself overly experienced. They need this for their business and I don't want to screw something up and have them out of money. Plus they really don't have the time to look at all the parts (they work out of town and come home to work on a small farm we have) so I just picked some out I liked and showed them. More then likely it will be either a Dell Optiplex or Dell Precision.
  9. @CWB I talked to my mom the next day and she said that Dell would be calling at 8pm the night we got the disc which is today to make sure we got it and walk us through the restore. I'm gonna check the box inserts and see what the warranty says and hopefully if anything goes wrong i can get them to replace it. I won't hang up without a fight.
  10. Dell wouldn't even refund us and told us to go back to Staples. We ended up having Dell send us a factory restore disc so hopefully that works and it's nothing more then a bad install of Windows. Certainly not a good time for her computer to go out again when she is being required to get recertified in the medical field. They are also looking at a new desktop anyway so we will be ordering that soon now. One thing for certain I wish they would have listened to me when I said I'd rather them buy a computer straight from Dell and not one from the store. I've had bad luck with those, but mother insisted we get one that day so I had to go with what was available.
  11. Guess what? Staples has a 14 day return policy on all electronic devices. Never buy from them again. Said I had to call Dell tech support. So guess I'll be doing that now. Fun fun... Ugh...
  12. Yeah I just talked to my mom and were gonna just take it back. It's still under the 90 day warranty I believe. This is stupid. I'm not overly fond of this one it keeps having problems with the wireless card too. We will be outside with it and come back in and it won't connect to the router anymore and have to disable the card and renable it from Windows. She's always calling me downstairs with it not working right.
  13. So no ideas for what to try? Otherwise we are gonna take it back to Staples and tell them all the problems it has...
  14. I was working on my moms computer as she was having some issues with office and got everything straightened out and decided to upgrade it to Windows 8.1. Bad idea. It was much slower and just didn't like it. I created a backup image prior to that, but when I got to restore it it tells me that it cannot restore the image as the firmware is set to bios and the image is set to UEFI. Every article I read tells me to start a UEFI shell and run the installation/repair disc from it, but there is no such option under the boot manager. This is a Dell Inspiron 14R that has preloaded Windows 8. I even tried using the factory restore flash drive we made and it wouldn't start up and gave a blue screen with an error when I restored it back to factory. I'm pretty much out of things to try...
  15. This is how most clean up tools work. They install the driver when run then remove it after it's finished. Once finished there is no reason for the driver to exist as it performed it's job. 3rd party software/hardware drivers are not installed by default with Windows unless it was by the manufacture. This driver is completely unrelated to how Windows functions. Word of advice, offering malware help is against the Malwarebytes' forum policy from members not in the Trusted Advisers or Experts group. It's best to let staff or approved members help with Chamelon in cases where it's needed and in the appropriate sub forum. @Flywelder MBAR should only be run if you believe you are infected. In that case please see the topic Available Assitance with Possibly Infected Computers for help options.
  16. I believe this one only scans when the computer is restarted and after you login. What you're talking about is like Avast's boot scanner which scans similar to how Windows chkdsk (Check Disk) does before most of Windows processes are loaded.
  17. Even if this was the history folder this would offer no noticeable difference in computer performance or really anything. Modifying the registry without sufficient knowledge could bring chaos to the system. This could cause unpredicted results. For example, you wouldn't modify a cars engine to remove a part that "bothered" you as it could result in either A. the car exploding, B. the car not functioning, C. the car runs fine or D. the car runs with noticeable issues. Also in addition to what dale said about no one being able to predict the results of this, it's not a sure thing that any of the experts here could fix issues that might occur from this. The experts here may not even want to attempt to fix the computer. Word of advice: the registry is a very complex system and if something happens it could result in a nonfunctional or dysfunctional computer.
  18. These are considered PUP or Potentially Unwanted Programs because many programs bundle these now days especially Babylon which is well known. Whether or not this was installed separately on your computer is irrelevant. Many programs include Babylon and other toolbars etc in their installers as a way to make money as they are prechecked by default and most people click through the installers resulting in tons of toolbars being installed which wastes space and degrade performance. These programs are not related to the software which they are bundled with and such are labeled PUP.
  19. I second this! I use a few programs that when I reopen they don't remember the position/size they were in last and take over the screen which I find very annoying.
  20. You're welcome! Few other notes here that differentiates Malwarebytes' from an antivirus: 1. Malwarebytes' focuses only on executables (excluding java programs and script). MBAM does unpack archives which are noted by David. 2. Malwarebytes' only checks a file when it's executed. Long after your antivirus should have picked up. Malwarebytes' research group excels at finding and writing signatures for zero day threats (threats not known) that are not known by most companies yet. edit: added more clarification.
  21. Note that Malwarebytes' is not an antivirus. It's an antimalware and designed to work alongside your existing protection by catching threats commonly missed by antiviruses. It's like comparing apples and oranges. You can't compare the two. Some groups like MRG Effitas (known as Malware Research Group or just MRG) do test antiviruses, cloud antiviruses and antimalware/spyware together which is highly misleading and inaccurate. So you have to be careful on who's tests you read. I'm not familiar with any group who just tests antimalware products as there aren't very many competitors aside from SuperAntiSpyware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Most companies prefer to protect against all threats.
  22. The person you received them from would have to first restore them and then send them to you. As far as I know there is no option in the consumer version and I don't believe Malwarebytes' would be able to provide a way to decode quarantined files for obvious security reasons. You'll have to wait for a staff member to confirm this.
  23. I'm often walking by my parent's when they are clicking cancel on the Java uac prompt or peer over across the room to see if they do it and they always do... Keep telling them... Wish Oracle would get it straight or least add a feature to automatically install updates like Firefox now does for Windows.
  24. That's terrible! Hopefully he's ok. Sadly we seem to have lost a few good researchers here.
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