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Firefox issues


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Sometimes when using firefox my Mem usage will suddenly jump from 300k to over 1,000,000K and make the browser and the rest of my computer exremely slow. This happens with even when i only have 1 window open with 1-2 tabs, so its not that i have to much opened.

If anyone has anyway for me to prevent this that be great??? firefox was my Fav browser for a long tim.

Also i recently uninstalled firefox for various reasons, so i got to thinking maybe i should ask around here about other Browsers and find out which ones are the best so if anyone has any opinions on other browsers let me hear them (pros & cons; and would you recommed or avoid)

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FF3.6 was mainly a bugfix release for excessive memory usage and memory leeks, with a few other shiny things thrown in :D You should definitely ateempt the new version.

Also, whats are your system specs? How much RAM do you have? (If you don't know try Speccy)

i think i had the newest version, it notifies me when theres a new version and i normally d/l it right away. but maybe it was old.

anyways my RAM specs are 2.0 Gb Hyundai electronics Dual Channel DDR2 @ 266 MHz 4-4-4-12

and i've tried that Orca Browser as someone else suggested and like it so far only annoying thing is i cant find out why it doesnt show my Mozilla add ons

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I would recommend Chrome. I've been using it for some time now as my second browser. My main browser is Safari.... since I'm heavily relying on 1password.


faster start up

a little faster page loading (especially pages w/ a lot of JS and AJAX)


less extensions (i like mouse gestures)

Hope this helps.

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