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  1. Chameleon only works post install. Blocking the install is still effective.
  2. This false positive is being caused by SingularLabs routing it's HTTP traffic through CloudFlare's reverse proxy, correct?
  3. That has been suggested before and would be quite useful to some users. However I concede that there are things that deserve much more attention than an option to scan slower
  4. It functions fine on Windows 7, but its internal database of startup items is getting a bit outdated. If Malwarebytes wishes to discontinue the program I sure they will be able to find someone to take over maintaining it.
  5. Oh My! I love it! Great job people!
  6. I am so excited about incremental updates! Great job MBAM team!
  7. Updated by bookmark, thanks I have to say having the two on separate domains makes searching a lot easier lol Can't wait for the new design!
  8. I have noticed that on machines which run really bloated A/V's, like those All-In-On AntiVirus/AntiSpam/AntiSpyware/Firewall/Web Filter products (Like Trend Micro, McAfee, Norton etc.) that Malwarebytes running along side of them does cause minor slowdowns, but nothing noticeable unless you do a lot of 3D Graphic intensive rendering or benchmarking tests.
  9. I know Trend Micro & BitDefender do, as do Spyware Doctor and Threatfire.
  10. FF3.6 was mainly a bugfix release for excessive memory usage and memory leeks, with a few other shiny things thrown in B) You should definitely ateempt the new version. Also, whats are your system specs? How much RAM do you have? (If you don't know try Speccy)
  11. I think almost all A/V programs monitor for HOSTS file injections to some degree, however given that Windows Defender isn't a full fledged Anti-Virus (and that it a Microsoft security product) I don't think it does, but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge can answer this question better.
  12. Quick scan finds almost everything active in your system, so I would recommend that. I've also read that MBAM doesn't function as well in SafeMode, so my answer is going to be: Quick scan - Normal mode. I hope this helps B)
  13. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showforum=7
  14. That would be a browser hijack I think..
  15. I have to agree with noknojon on some level, the Favicon does seem somewhat pixelated, but no so much so that its intolerable.
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