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Camara Light Came On

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While I was working earlier, the camera light on my MacBook Pro came on. I'm not aware of any reason it should have done based on the programmes I was using. I was only on for a second or two. I already had MalwareBytes installed and have scanned the computer again. However, it's not finding anything. Can I leave it based on the scan, or should I carry out other checks to make sure I haven't been hacked?



P. S. Sorry, I had accidentally posted this in the Windows forum. I'm not sure how to delete it from there, but I've reposted here.

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Hello @User12391023 and :welcome::

  1. Are you a “signed-up” member of any social media apps on that MBP?
  2. Please go to macOS' System Settings ⇾ Privacy & Security ⇾ Camera.  What apps are shown with camera access?

Thank you.

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Hello @User12391023:

IMO, when you signed up for Facebook, I suspect you permitted the access of your MBP's mic/webcam. I am unsure about MS Teams and Zoom.

I recommend you be shown a notification when a macOS activity is accessing the mic/webcam. You may wish to consider using a highly trusted monitor tool such as the Object-See Foundation OverSight v2.3.0 background app from the highly respected Patrick Wardle.

It is extremely lightweight and can be set to be unobtrusive on the MBP desktop.

Thank you.

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This is unlikely to be due to malware, since you would have to grant permission for anything to access the camera on modern macOS. Go to System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Camera and see what apps have been granted camera access.

Note that granting permission to an entire web browser can be tricky... it's necessary for certain sites, like if you join meetings via something like Teams in your browser, but makes it easier for other sites to get access as well.

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