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Adding endpoints for laptops and servers


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2 questions.

1. How do you add endpoints that are outside your AD, laptops, notebooks, etc. ?

2. If some of the endpoints are servers, will the agent recognize this fact and use the new server product?



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You should be able to create an installation package to use for installing on the non-AD managed systems as described in this support article.

As for servers, I'm not sure if there is any automatic detection and you may need to manually select the appropriate product to install, however a member of the staff will need to confirm as I am not certain.

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  • Staff

Hello @LGM

Thank you for contacting Malwarebytes Business Support.

It looks like your question is for Endpoint Protection but you currently seem to only have a subscription for Endpoint Security. 

With Endpoint Protection, an installer is available through the downloads page and you do not need to manually create an installer, you simply just download and install the MSI Endpoint Agent Installer - https://support.malwarebytes.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039025273

The agent will automatically determine if the machine is a server, but there is also a server specific installer you can use. You will need the server subscription to protect your servers however. You may want to check with Sales - https://www.malwarebytes.com/business/ & https://www.malwarebytes.com/business/contact-us/

Thank you, 

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Thanks for your reply.

yes, I currently have Endpoint Security but we are looking at moving to Endpoint protection.

One more question on the server agent.
The support article on Nebula server protection lists server roles as follows:
1. Internet Info Server of Web Server
2. Exchange Server
3. SQL Server
4 RDP Server
5 VDI Server

No mention of file server or of a print/utility server.
Does that imply that malwarebytes is not necessary for these roles?



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  • Staff


That just means that Malwarebytes shouldn't need to be modified for servers of that role. You can keep all layers of real-time protection enabled for those types of roles. Malwarebytes should be fully deployed within your environment if you wish to be protected, as one unprotected endpoint could be the entry point that attackers use to get in.

Thank you, 

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