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Found 22 results

  1. Ok, here we go. This has been a very long journey, so I'll start from the beginning. I've had my laptop for 3 and a half years now, and up to a couple of weeks ago, it's been fantastic. It was during this time that I started noticing that the fans would go really loud with the computer idle or with really light load (before this started happening it was always dead silent unless I ran a game). So I was worried that the CPU was getting too hot, installed Core Temp and lo and behold, 55 - 60ºC when idle. Since I had never opened up and cleaned my laptop since I got it, I thought maybe there was
  2. 2 questions. 1. How do you add endpoints that are outside your AD, laptops, notebooks, etc. ? 2. If some of the endpoints are servers, will the agent recognize this fact and use the new server product? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, hopefully, this issue seems simple to the guys who are really good at getting rid of malware and what not. A few weeks ago, my laptop would work fine for about 15 or so minutes then when I try visiting ANY websites that weren't Google and YouTube, I would get a long loading time followed by a blank screen that says "Chrome took too long to respond". Now, every since yesterday morning, that 15 minutes has gone down to like 2 minutes. I barely have any time to scroll the internet because the Chrome message from before pops up and/or the page freezes and becomes unresponsive. I ima
  4. So i download this software window 10 activator and then suddenly my antivirus detected malware and now my laptop is slow as f. so can someone help me i tried to scan like 3 time with the use of malwarebytes but still i dont think my laptop is safe, can someone pls help me with this, what do i need to do?
  5. It was until yesterday when I started to hate my laptop when it suddenly started draining battery very fast and was heating unusually. I had recently been attacked by some severe malware and I think it's related to that. I may have removed many viruses like .lnk , .exe . The browser window used to suddenly pop up; after removing it, Tfiajedi.lnk installer was popping up. Now everything's fine but this battery issue isn't resolved. I have been wandering on google to find a solution. somehow I managed to find some solutions but didn't try as they were asking to install some software which is alr
  6. Following on the heels of older reports of MBAM causing 'freezes', my laptop started snoozing after downloading the latest release... Initially, though it's a trial version of the premium flavor, 'Malware Protection" is disabled and cannot be switched on. After several un-/reinstalls the behavior hasn't changed: a few moments into a scan 'sleep' mode is entered; wake-up lasts only long enough to flash the screen before reverting to 'sleep'. ....of interest is that the AVAST! service seems to unexpectedly get STOPped lately, but prior to downloading MBAM. The 'cur
  7. Please help! I have an HP stream 11 and it suddenly had a message come up regarding malware?? I've tried everything I've read in forums for the last 24 and nothing had helped, it's just getting worse. I no longer I'm able to delete certain files because I don't have to permission. Malwarebytes keeps popping up with a message telling me that PUPs have blocked me from going to a site that I'm trying to go to to clean the virus. I have downloaded as many different malware removers as I can but my computer is becoming less and less usable. Please help!!! Also, every scanner/detector, comes back wi
  8. This is probably a stupid question but I'll ask. I just bought a Dell laptop and have only had it a week or so. Have had nothing but problems with it and Dell keeps telling me it's because of Malwarebytes. I've had Malwarebytes Premium for years and love it. The new laptop had the free trial version of McAfee and I had Dell remove it. They say your not suppose to have more than one anti-virus in Windows 10. I didn't think Malwarebytes was an antivirus only for malware. Has anyone else had this issue? I want to install a free antivirus but I'm not sure which one and afraid to try anythi
  9. The laptop is having an issue that when I press the power button only the light turns on and after a 30 seconds it turns off. Neither the screen nor the fan work. Last night it was working fine, it was until this evening that I tried turn it on, The battery works I tried it on a different laptop of the same type, I have tried putting a different RAM but its the same. Here are the details of the laptop: Product Name: Windows 10 Home Single Language System Type: 64 bit Current Build: 14393 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2820 @ 2.13GHz Total physical
  10. Ok to start my friend game me their laptop so I can do a check up on it since last time I did was about 8 months ago. I know a bit more about computers than my friend does so this is something I do from time to time, I have 3 things installed in their laptop that I installed the first time I did a check up on it, they are programs I use normally on my laptop, CCleaner clean it up a bit, Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes. Basically those are the 3 programs I use on their laptop. Today I ran into something I didn't know what to do. This are the things I did before I noticed the issues. I ran
  11. Hi, laptop seems to be infected and running very slowly. Have run Malwarebytes and copied the FRST and Addition below. Any help is appreciated. Thank you FRST Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 29-01-2017 Ran by admin (administrator) on CHRISTHOMAS (04-02-2017 19:20:35) Running from C:\Users\admin\Downloads Loaded Profiles: admin (Available Profiles: admin & DefaultAppPool) Platform: Windows 10 Pro Version 1607 (X64) Language: English (United States) Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome) Boot Mode: Normal Tutorial
  12. I was hacked in August 2016, got help from another forum and thought it cleaned desktop. When we thought my data was clean, AND Windows 10 Pro, I did 3 backups, formatted hard drive, and did clean Windows install. My backup drive failed, so I've spent the last 2 months trying to recover my data. That was ALL my important data. Recently I noticed my new USB wifi adapter showed Network Type: Access Point, and I said NO during setup to use it as access point. Don't know if that's why, but I ran First.exe today and found 2 of the same files that were in the First.txt and Addition.txt i
  13. So by mistake I ended up installing a program into my laptop which turned out to be a virus... Although malwarebytes has removed a majority of it (previously the virus prevented me from even logging into my laptop account), I am still having problems 1) Although I am now able to log into my account I am having problems in which from time to time when I'm browsing through the internet, I keep getting random pop up tabs. 2) I also continue to have problems in which my pictures and videos are corrupted. The pictures don't show and have a statement that says, "Windows Photo Viewer can't
  14. It all started when I wanted to do a custom scan and added scan for root kits on my Windows 7 hp laptop. After that I reset my computer to delete a few Trojans. When it turned back on, it said Windows 7 was not genuine, I lost internet connection (wireless and Ethernet), and the program doesn't open so I can't check if it accidentally deleted an important Windows file. It can still turn on but it notify me that I might be a victim of software counterfeit. What should I do and did I corrupt a file or did a virus do something?
  15. I've know for a while that my computer had a virus and submitted tickets with no reply. At that stage, Chameleon was not working and I was completely unable to launch MBAM. However, I uninstalled and re-installed the latest version and can now run scans. These scans fail to find anything but I am sure that there is for the computer is running very slowly and I am unable to use Mozilla. http://gyazo.com/9c6eddb7b8eaff5c42ba954ff4039622 When I search for anything, but for an exmaple I have used facebook, I get this error. (IMG above) Even if I add the exception, I get the same error - agai
  16. Hi, I purchaced 3 copies of MalwareBytes Pro from Newegg a few months ago. I am delighted to say that 2 of the copies, both in lenovo k410's are working well. JUst recently tried to install the 3rd copy into a lenovo g585 laptop and after the login screen it goes blank with a floating cursor. I have gone back in and removed the Malware bytes software in safe mode and finally have a functioning computer again, though unprotected. what gives? Hondo812
  17. I got redirected to a suspected dodgey version of a bitcoin site (real site is .com this one identified itself as .cloudnet) Since then (few hours later) no apps would connect to the internet. Chrome would say could not connect to proxy, I don't use a proxy. Tor would connect though but that's because it uses its own proxy, not the system one. USB memory sticks have been acting weird too. I've been getting the 'this USB has a problem click to fix' error and an I/O error due to an invalid system string or application request. The laptop is pretty high spec and used to boot up in a flash and be
  18. Hi there A few days ago my Synaptics touchpad started to malfunction and my computer was really laggy.. My main concern was that the touchpad was not doing what it was supposed to; when scrolling it would not release the scroll bar when I let go of the button, it was not selecting the things I clicked on etc.. The left button does not seem to function at all & touchpad seems to behave strangely, most of the time (it won't let me tap to click even though I selected that option in my touchpad settings etc).. I changed the touchpad settings to left-handed which means I can at least b
  19. Hi there A few days ago my Synaptics touchpad started to malfunction and my computer was really laggy, for example when hovering over links or things in my toolbar it would not highlight the item for a while til it seemed the pc was ready... My main concern was that the touchpad was not doing what it was supposed to; when scrolling it would not release the scroll bar when I let go of the button, it was not selecting the things I clicked on etc.. After looking at advice online I found a lot of other people seemed to be having the same problem with Synaptics touchpads.. As recommended by o
  20. Hi, I am new to this forum so sorry if it is not in the correct topic. Recently I have been getting redirected from websites taking me to globalconsumersurvey.com asking me to fill out a questionnaire, i googled the site and it has brought up a lot of people saying that it is a virus of some kind. I have norton antivirus and it said I have a few Trogen.Gen but norton has removed them. I ran a full scan and it didn't show any other viruses? I am not sure what do to now, but I want this malware to be removed! Thanks in advance - Callum
  21. 4 year old laptop. It has worked very well until about a month ago when it began occasionally freezing when watching videos. Also, if I have many tabs open (google chrome). I bought a laptop cooling pad, but that doesn't seem to help. The only thing that fixes it is waiting a few minutes. Could it be a virus or malware, or is it just hardware? Thanks
  22. I recently received a laptop from a friend who needed some viruses removed, I don't remember all the exact viruses, Moneypak/FBI and rouge Security Software were two major problems that I immediately discovered. After getting a go ahead from said friend I proceeded to do a reformat however I did not use the recovery partition or use any recovery disks. Toshiba Satellite Win 7 Hom Pre 64 bit I reformatted the laptop's C: drive with a (bloatware / shovelware free) .iso copy of Win 7 Hom Pre 64 bit. I installed AVG 2013 and Malwarebytes then ran the scans, with nothing of immediate concern. Then
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