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  1. Understood. I was hoping someone had a workaround as we only have IE on the machine in question.
  2. Any idea why IE wont load cloud.malwarebytes.com? I get a blank page. It loads fine for Chrome and Edge.
  3. Thanks for your reply. yes, I currently have Endpoint Security but we are looking at moving to Endpoint protection. One more question on the server agent. The support article on Nebula server protection lists server roles as follows: 1. Internet Info Server of Web Server 2. Exchange Server 3. SQL Server 4 RDP Server 5 VDI Server No mention of file server or of a print/utility server. Does that imply that malwarebytes is not necessary for these roles?
  4. 2 questions. 1. How do you add endpoints that are outside your AD, laptops, notebooks, etc. ? 2. If some of the endpoints are servers, will the agent recognize this fact and use the new server product? Thanks!
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