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Browser Guard for Opera?


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Since the latest builds of Opera are based on the same Chromium source code as Google Chrome you should be able to install the Chrome version of Malwarebytes Browser Guard without any issues.  There is also an Opera extension that allows the installation of Chrome extensions if necessary, though I don't believe it should be needed.

Have you tried installing Malwarebytes Browser Guard in Opera already, and did you experience any problems?

Please let us know.


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Yes, you can try visiting iptest.malwarebytes.com and it should be blocked.  If you also have Malwarebytes Premium installed/active, then be sure to disable the Web Protection component first to ensure that the site is blocked by Malwarebytes Browser Guard and not Web Protection just to verify that the browser extension is working.

Please let us know how it goes.


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Browser Guard blocks Ads and trackers which Malwarebytes Premium does not.  Also, since Browser Guard protection is at the browser level, it can leverage heuristics and behavioral data from the web pages themselves. This means Browser Guard can block certain newly created malicious web pages promoting such malicious activity as technical support scams, phishing, etc. purely via heuristic analysis.


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1 hour ago, lennybai said:

I installed Browser Guard in Opera and it appears to be successfully blocking your IP test site -- however there is no "M" icon next to the URL field to get statistics and manage the settings.

Also, when I set it to work in "Private Mode" the web pages in the Private window slowed down to a crawl.

I found the pin option in Opera Manage Extensions and now the M icon is visible and Private Mode appears to be working normally.

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